Strelitzia Augusta: [Planting, Care, Irrigation and Substrate]

Strelitzia augusta or Strelicia augustaIt is part of the plants that produce flowers in the form of the Bird of Paradise, but in this case in white.

It is a tropical plant but it behaves very well in the cold, making it ideal for giving color to gardens where a temperate climate prevails.

It needs some very specific care and in general it tends to develop slowly, but without a doubt it is worth the wait.

Do you dare to have a copy of Strelitzia Augusta at home?

Important points when planting Strelitzia Augusta

  • When? Always in spring.
  • Where? In a place without drafts, it can be with partial shade or direct sun.
  • How do we prepare the land? The land does not need further preparation because it can thrive in all types of soil.
  • How should we water? By drip.
  • How often do you have to water? During the summer days it will be more abundant with twice a week, the rest of the year, only once.
  • What pests and diseases do they have? The biggest pest that affects it is the cochineal.

Characteristics of Strelitzia Augusta

Strelitizia Augusta is a plant with large green leaves, although the total size of the plant does not exceed 10 meters in the best conditions.

The flowers, as we have already mentioned above, are generated in white but simulating the same structure of the Bird of Paradise.

These sprout from a petiole that protrudes from the base of the plant and extends up to a meter above it to expose its flowers.

The time when they are usually seen is in the summer months.

Care must be taken if only one or two specimens are desired because over time it has a high tendency to produce suckers.

Strelitzia: [Características, Siembra, Cuidados, Riego y Sustrato]

Where should we plant the strelitzia augusta?

To choose the best place to plant it, it is best to take care of it in areas where there is a lot of wind. The rest is quite adaptable, both to semi-shaded areas and those where direct sun is generated.

With the Strelitzia Augusta you can have a nice garden without sacrificing orchards.

This is because its roots are very well behaved and do not interfere with the rest of the plant species that are around it.

But in addition, it also accepts that we plant it in pots , transplanting it from time to time.

In this way a very useful species is made to decorate both interiors and exteriors.

When should we cultivate strelitzia augusta?

Always in spring, when the risks of late frosts have passed.

This should include the processes of transplanting pots that must be carried out every 3 years at the most.

The seed germination process will take about two months, so it should be started as early as spring.

How do we prepare the land?

The Strelitzia Augusta comes from Africa where there are no soils that are very rich in nutrients, so it is not demanding at all in this area.

It can be arranged in garden soil or in a pot with universal peat without major additions.

Of course, if the soil is prepared with some nutrients before it is planted, it will surely help it grow faster and stronger.

How to sow strelitzia augusta step by step?

The planting of this species can be done through suckers or through seeds.

In the case of the suckers, the procedure will be as follows:

  1. Separate the offspring that are born. These do it around the trunk and the appropriate time is between late spring and early summer.
  2. Each of the suckers will have to be planted in a pot with a vermiculite substrate, preferably, and watered to offer enough moisture.
  3. And that’s it, all you have to do is wait to see how the plant grows.
  4. When working with seeds, the process will be much slower but good results can be achieved if it is done like this:
  5. Hydrate the seeds to find out which ones are in the best condition. This will be achieved by submerging them in water for a whole day during the spring.
  6. The ones that are in good condition will sink to the bottom of the container, while the unviable ones will remain floating on the surface.
  7. In a seedbed, place universal substrate and moisten it very well. Spread the seeds two by two or three by three and complete with more universal substrate to leave them well covered.
  8. These seedbeds should be located in a place where they receive sunlight, either abundantly and directly or for a few hours of the day.

What care does this tropical plant need?

The main care of this species will revolve around irrigation, fertilization and pruning.


As for irrigation, this will not be necessary in abundance, so the best option is drip. The frequency will be established at one application per week, increasing to two when the summer season begins.


As for the subscriber, this can help it to develop better and it is advisable to work with organic matter.

Applications can be planned once a month between spring and summer, especially while it is growing.


Pruning is unnecessary in plants that have leaves and flowers in good condition, but if you see any withered, it will be essential to remove it.

What pests and diseases does it have?

The main plague that usually attacks the Strelitzia Augusta is the cochineal, especially on the hottest days.

The good news is that the plant is very resistant and if the pest is cleaned in time, its structure will not be damaged.

Diseases could be caused by fungi in the soil and especially when it is flooded or does not have good drainage.

The strelitzia augusta is another good alternative for decoration with an exotic touch and that will help to admire the garden, the terrace or the balcony as an incredible place.

In addition, after starting the cultivation work, we will notice that its care is actually very easy to carry out and that it is well worth the effort.

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