Syngonium White Butterfly Care

It is one of those plants that are absolutely irresistible. It is not only extremely beautiful and eye-catching. In addition, the care of the Syngonium White Butterfly makes it even easier to enjoy a green beauty that decorates with its mere presence thanks, to a large extent, to its leaves. And it is precisely in them where much of its appeal lies. Not only do they have a good size and an arrow-shaped design, but their variegated coloration is a real marvel.

Despite being a tropical plant native to Central and South America, the Singonium or Syngonium is extremely resistant. What’s more: we could safely include it in the list of easy-care plants and it can be considered a perfect candidate even for those who have just started in the world of indoor plants.

So let’s get to know a little more about this beautiful representative of green plants, which can also be considered one of the most beautiful plants that exist. Because only by knowing its needs can we enjoy its decorative character.


Apart from its characteristic leaves, there is another singular detail in the morphology of the Singonium. Although it may not seem like it a priori, it is a climbing plant that, if not supported, will have a creeping appearance. Although it may seem secondary, it is important to know something. As the Syngonium develops, it will lose leaves at the bottom of the plant to grow at the top.

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In addition to this, we must know something peculiar that we also discover when we delve into the care of the Monstera. Like Adam’s rib, it has aerial roots: something essential to be able to anchor itself to the tutor, and to be able to grow vertically.

Let’s see, then, how to care for the Syngonium White Butterfly to enjoy this beautiful fast-growing perennial plant.

1. Luminosity, one of the least demanding Syngonium White Butterfly cares

Despite its tropical origins, it is not a plant with high demands when it comes to light.

The ideal scenario in the care of the Syngonium is a space with good lighting, although it is possible to have it in less illuminated spaces. However, be careful with this aspect. If we notice that our plant loses color in the leaves, drops the lower leaves or, even, that the branches lengthen, our Syngonium will be indicating that it needs more light.

What we do have to be careful about is its sun exposure. The Syngonium does not accept direct sun, as it can burn its leaves. A reason to filter the light it receives, or always place it in a place where the sun does not shine directly.

2. Irrigation, moderate and according to each time of the year

From the list of Syngonium White Butterfly care, irrigation is precisely the one that we must closely monitor. On the one hand, because it needs a good dose of humidity. On the other hand, because it is an absolute enemy of any excess of irrigation since its roots do not tolerate waterlogging. Therefore, it is essential to use a specific substrate for green plants that facilitates the evacuation of excess irrigation water.

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For this reason, irrigation should be moderate and in accordance with the plant’s vegetable cycle. While in summer it is convenient to water regularly every two days, in the winter months a weekly watering will suffice. Of course, it is important to prevent the substrate from becoming completely dry.

Another important detail is to use water at room temperature to irrigate.

3. Temperature, warm and no oscillations

Vital. As a good tropical plant, the Singonium is a cold plant. Therefore, the ideal is that it be in a space between 18 and 21 degrees. To ensure your well-being, it is essential that you are never exposed to temperatures below 15 degrees.

In addition to this, there is another detail that we must pamper. The Syngonium needs ventilated environments, but air currents are real enemies of its well-being, just like being near artificial sources of heat, such as radiators or stoves.

4. Environmental humidity, essential in summer

It is not one of the essential cares of the Syngonium during the year, although it will appreciate a spraying of the leaves from time to time. However, with the arrival of summer, it is advisable to increase this guideline, especially with temperatures above 30 degrees.

In addition and during the heating months, it is also advisable to spray regularly to alleviate the dryness of the environment.

5. Subscriber, another care of the Syngonium White Butterfly that we cannot neglect

Since it is a fast-growing plant, its need for nutrients is high. During the months of development, which coincide with spring and summer, we will have to fertilize regularly to facilitate the development of the plant.

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To facilitate its growth, the ideal is to use a liquid fertilizer for green plants diluted in the irrigation every 15 days during the months of development.

As you can see, the care of the Syngonium White Butterfly is extremely simple. A few simple demands to enjoy one of the most beautiful plants that exist.

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