The 5 best books about orchards: Madrid Book Fair

Good afternoon Agrohuerters! Today we have visited the Madrid Book Fair. We have gone in search of the best books on urban and ecological gardens.

The Madrid Book Fair

The Madrid Book Fair has been held since 1933, it is located on the Paseo del Parque del Retiro in Madrid, admission is completely free and for all audiences. In this Fair we can find numerous booths of commercial brands of books, in which they make recommendations, they look for the books you want, and in many cases the books have a special discount, so I recommend taking advantage of this occasion.

best garden books

After having been browsing through books for a while, I have selected 5 that, from my point of view, I think are the best about orchards

1. Self-Reliant Living Practical Manual

This book, in addition to explaining many techniques on garden planning, how to cultivate in them, their maintenance, harvesting, pests and diseases or how to deal with the problems that arise in it; it is rather the explanation of a way of life, in which it is encouraged to be able to consume what one produces.

It is very illustrative, the accompanying images are very clear. In the last part, it teaches the elaboration of products such as beer, wine, cheese, etc. It also includes some maps with climatological information about Spain, and Central and South America. Author: John Seymour. Ed: BLUME. ISBN:9788480769181

2. Practical manual of the organic garden: Family gardens. school gardens

It is a brief manual, very fast reading, but it does not forget to explain the most important. This shows us the most basic tasks and data, such as crop calendars, brief notions about pests or diseases and characteristics that different horticultural plants have, etc…

This book is more well thought out for work in the gardens that we have at home and for children, that is why it is also useful for school gardens. The author is Mariano Bueno Bosch. Publisher: Fertility of the Earth. ISBN:9788493630881

3. Illustrated encyclopedia: Organic garden | ecological kitchen

This book is very practical and one of the most complete. It is divided in two parts. In the first half of it we find the basic information on how to grow different vegetables at home in an ecological way. It also includes sections on gardening, techniques used for planting, obtaining seeds, how to make compost and certain notions on how to plan your garden.

In the second half there are numerous recipes, all of them are made with organic food and nutritional explanations of various foods. He also talks about the benefits of organic food. It presents some very useful and beautiful illustrations, it also highlights the important sections and offers little practical advice. It is recommended for both beginner and amateur farmers. The authors are: Christine Lavelle, Michael Lavelle and Ysanne Spevack. Ed: TIKAL. ISBN: 9788499281858.

4. The orchard in 1 m 2

Actually, the one square meter garden is a method that was created by Mel Bartholomew, with this he wants to raise awareness that to have a garden at home it is not necessary to have a large space. Shows how to make your own garden in a small space, without the need to make complicated planters, or spend a lot of money on it.

It explains how to cultivate the garden to avoid pests, diseases, weeds, and how to obtain the maximum yield and production in such a small space. Encourage all people to be able to have their own garden without excuses. Its author is Mel Bartholomew. Ed: BLUME. ISBN: 9788480766135

5. Sustainable urban garden

It teaches us that an urban garden does not have to be huge or located on a large piece of land, we can have our own garden in the city, either in our own house or on a small rented piece of land. How this can be perfectly sustainable with the environment, even if it is in the city and what techniques to use for it. Its authors are: Gema López Pérez and Consuelo Velázquez Angulo. Ed: SA MUNDI-PRESS BOOKS. ISBN: 9788484765486.

I have to say that at the Book Fair I have only found one stand specializing in books on nature and orchards, this is number 99, it belongs to Clan Editorial, in case you want to come and see it, I assure you that you will spend a lot of time looking at books, since they have a great variety. In addition to selling books on agriculture from very technical to beginners, they have their own publishing house with books that they write themselves.

In other booths, especially in large commercial chains, you can find a book on gardening or orchards, but they are not abundant, the most you can find related to organic farming are about cooking with organic food or that you can grow yourself.

I hope you have found this article on the best gardening books interesting. Until the next Agrohuerters!

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