Gift ideas for plant lovers

It’s that time of year when giving gifts can become a headache. If you are one of those who are looking for Christmas gift ideas, today we suggest you take advantage of a passion to make it the reason for your gift. And the fact is that if among your gift recipients there is a plant lover (whether a novice or a specialist), making them enjoy it is much easier than it seems!

Added, giving plants at Christmas is one of the most special gifts we can give. It means giving life and nature, a fantastic way not only to encourage a person’s hobby but also to leave a very personal mark on their day to day life.

Thus, today we have selected a series of perfect plants for any level of gardening knowledge. Indoor plants that we can give at Christmas and that go beyond those of the season. A way to prolong the memory of these dates throughout the year.


Although we can stick to those plants that are the protagonists of Christmas that we already know (such as the Poinsettia, the Princettia, the Rose of Jericho or the Holly), we suggest you broaden your horizons a little more and discover other fantastic indoor plants with different levels of difficulty. in its cultivation (to delve a little deeper into this topic, nothing like taking a look at this other post that we published a few days ago).

Thus, let’s see our proposal of plants for any type of gardener starting with those who start to reach those with more experience:

for newbies

It is considered one of the friendly houseplants and it is not without reason! Resistant, with flowers all year round and easy care (which you can discover by seeing this other post), the African Violet is a perfect plant for those who are not very used to gardening (yet!). A plant that incites and encourages the discovery of other plant species.

For those who have little time

Discover this Christmas proposal from Spathiphyllum here in our online store

Surely, on many occasions, you have heard someone say that not having plants is not having time for them. If that is the case, a perfect plant is without a doubt the Spathiphyllum. A wonderful green plant that is not only an ally of our home (it is one of the purifying plants par excellence) but is also ideal for those who begin to fall in love with the plant world without too many complications and without having much time for them.

Resistant, undemanding and colorful all year round (remember that its white bracts accompany us twelve months of the year). Great for newbies!

for the little ones

If we want to take advantage of the Christmas gift for an educational purpose, plants can also be an ideal gift for the little ones. A way to familiarize them with nature, teaching them to discover the incredible natural miracle that it entails. If you are looking for such a gift, we suggest you opt for bulbs (both already germinated, like these Hyacinths or Amarillys, and ungerminated).

And, to make them feel even more encouraged, nothing like completing the selection of bulbs (you can see all the ones available here) with children’s gloves and a planter. They will love the pack !

For those who are very clear

Orchids are one of the cult plants for some gardening enthusiasts. An immense plant family that allows us to play with it as a gift, starting with the most popular and simplest in terms of care (the Phalaenopsis) to reach other more unique ones (such as the Cymbidium orchid). An authentic world of options among which to find the plant that we like the most to give away!

Discover all the options you have to give orchids in our section of the online store here.

For the most advanced

Another of the plants that arouses passions… and not just now, but for centuries! The ancient art of bonsai is one of the oldest traditions in gardening, and an irresistible step for those who enjoy plants. Contrary to what is believed, they are not so complicated to grow and it is not necessary to be an expert gardener to carry them out. However, it is true that they tend to be relegated precisely to those who are already fluent in the world of plants.

Another large vegetable family (which you can discover in any of our stores or here in our online store space) ideal for Christmas gifts.

Five types of people and five proposals for plants to give away. Have we forgotten any of the recipients on your Christmas gift list?

Tell us how it is and we will tell you which is the best plant to surprise you this year!

If you are looking for more gift proposals for plant lovers, discover here the selection we have prepared for Christmas> Christmas Plants

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