The 7 most famous urban gardens in the world

Hello Agrohuerters, today we are going to see which are the 7 most famous urban gardens in the world. Today urban gardens are becoming very fashionable. It is a way of bringing a piece of the “countryside” to the city. Without a doubt, it is very interesting to know other orchards because it gives us ideas or inspirations to use in ours.

famous urban gardens

All of them are very different and each one is famous for specific characteristics that we are going to see below:

1- City Farm urban garden (Tokyo)

This orchard is located on a roof terrace. It arose from the idea of ​​creating a local community to produce vegetables, in addition to teaching neighbors how to grow and develop all kinds of vegetables. It is special because they focus above all on Japanese cuisine, they produce vegetables such as eggplant or soybeans and even rice (which is grown in environments with a lot of humidity and water), so for each one a different cultivation technique is needed, which makes this urban garden very interesting and different from the rest of urban gardens in the world.

2- Urban garden of the Wellington Hotel

This hotel is located in the heart of Madrid (Spain). It is one of the urban gardens

Floren Domezáin with her creation: The Wellington Hotel Urban Garden

Most famous for having the largest cultivated area in the urban area, it is the largest in the world. It is located on the roof of the building and consists of 325 m2 of planters. All kinds of seasonal vegetables are planted there. Currently, a project to recover native tomatoes from the area is being carried out here. This orchard is one of the main attractions of the hotel, not only guests visit it, but anyone else can visit it, you just have to contact them and request it. The vegetables obtained can be tasted in the restaurant of the same hotel «The roots of Wellington». Agrohuerto made a visit to this orchard some time ago.

3- Loofah farms (Montreal)

It is one of the most interesting, especially in terms of architecture, because it is located on the roof of two buildings, and is basically made up of greenhouses, which means that they are very resistant to the heavy snowfalls of the harsh winter.

Loofah farms. (Source: Lula farms)

from Canada. At Lufa farms around 40 different types of vegetables are produced. Both the energy to keep the greenhouses warm and the water needed by the crops are taken from the building itself.

4- Prinzessinnengärten (Princess Garden)

This orchard is located in Berlin, it began in 2009, by the Nomadic Green association. It was installed on land that had been abandoned for more than 50 years, many amendments had to be made and all the materials used to recover it are recycled, which provides great value to this orchard. It is a space destined for sustainability in the middle of the city that favors biodiversity and the learning of neighbors.

5- White House Organic Garden

This orchard was launched in 2009, thanks to Michelle Obama. The First Lady wanted to set an example on how to live having a healthy lifestyle and make the population aware that it is good to change habits

Michelle Obama in the White House garden planting together with some of the invited American schoolchildren

food. Almost all kinds of vegetables and aromatic plants are grown in the White House organic garden, almost a third of the garden’s production is donated to an organization committed to the homeless. Every year they hold a meeting to promote interest in urban gardens and healthy eating, especially aimed at people with obesity; the campaign is called (Let’s move).

6- Brooklyn Grange

It is the largest urban rooftop garden in New York City. All kinds of vegetables are grown here, all of them organically. In the Brooklyn grange, they promote the work of sustainable agriculture, especially within the cities. All their vegetables are sold to restaurants in the area.

brooklyn grange

7- Waldorf Astoria Hotel (New York)

This hotel not only receives guests, but also many visitors in its urban garden, which is located on the roof of the building. All the vegetables that are grown are destined for the restaurant of the same hotel. But without a doubt the most remarkable feature of this orchard is that it also has a space for beekeeping, in the middle of the city. With this they achieve numerous advantages for the orchard, among them that there is a greater fertilization of flowers, that it is sustainable and also preserve specific species of bees.

Agrohuerters I hope you have enjoyed as much as I have, getting to know the most famous urban gardens in the world. And why not include us in the list of places to visit. Regards and until next time!

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