The 8 Best Garden Sheds of 2022

Garden shed – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Ideal for storing your gardening tools and other items that you don’t want to store inside your house, garden sheds will help you keep organized many items that you usually use to work the fields and land, such as shovels, picks, rakes and other tools. that you use for your DIY projects. Among the most sought-after models on the market, the HOMCOM ES01-0053NUE0731 tool shed stands out for its solid wood construction and asphalt roof. In addition, it incorporates 2 practical shelves inside. On the other hand, the Gardiun KIS12961 is a beautiful green metal shed, which has a special lacquer that protects it from bad weather and rust.

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The 8 Best Garden Sheds – Opinions 2022

If you are interested in getting one of the best garden sheds of 2022, the first thing you should do is consider what you will use it for. In addition, it is necessary that you take a good look at the characteristics of each model that we expose in this list, so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

Wooden garden shed

1. Homcom Tool Shed 190x79x49 cm

× >On many occasions, we need to place a wooden shed to store all our work tools, however, we think twice if it rains constantly in the place where we live or if the winter season is approaching. If this is your case, you can rest easy, since with this wooden garden shed you will not have problems with bad weather.

This wooden garden shed does not lack an asphalt roof, completely waterproof. Nor will you miss its double interior shelf, which helps to better organize your tools. An approach typical of the best garden shed of the moment.

This cheap garden shed offers plenty of storage space thanks to its dimensions of 190 x 79 x 49 cm. These are suitable if you want to use it as a terrace shed, since its roof measures 79 x 49 cm and each of its two doors 60 x 71 cm.

Considered the best value for money garden shed, this alternative has the following pros and cons.


Roof : Thanks to its roof made of asphalt, this garden shed will keep your tools protected.

Doors : It has a double door design that allows you to insert and remove your tools easily.

Shelves : Includes two internal shelves, which you can use to better organize your tools.

Dimensions: Its cabinet-type measurements are ideal for those looking for booths for terraces, balconies and other not very large spaces.


Adjustment : The adjustment of the doors and the whole structure is not completely stable after assembling the shed, however, you can try to tighten the screws a little more to avoid this problem.

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2. Homcom Garden Tool Shed Cabinet

× >If you are looking for the best garden shed, we recommend you look at this alternative that stands out for its large storage space of 165 x 140 x 75 cm, which will allow you to store large amounts of tools and other objects necessary for your gardening projects.

This product has two shelves inside that will allow you to maintain greater order. In addition, thanks to its roof protected with a waterproof coating, a longer useful life of both the shed and your tools will be guaranteed, since it allows rainwater to be completely repelled.

This wooden garden shed has a beautiful design with double doors and is made entirely of solid wood. Each door has dimensions of 56 x 132 cm and the ceiling 140 x 75 cm.

If you are wondering which is the best garden shed, you need to take into account the pros and cons of this and each model on this list.


Space : This product offers you a large storage space, allowing you to comfortably store a large number of tools.

Waterproof : The roof is made with a completely waterproof coating that will allow you to keep your tools protected from the elements.

Installation : The installation of this shed is very simple, especially following the instructions.


Latch : You have to be careful to put the latches when you close it, especially at night, since the strong wind can easily break the doors.

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metal garden shed

3. Gardiun KIS12961 Metal Cabinet Shed Garden Shed Newcastle

× >If, on the other hand, you are interested in purchasing a metal garden shed, one of your best alternatives is to take into account this model from the Gardiun trademark, considered the best brand of garden sheds today.

In addition to a beautiful green design and strong construction with 0.25 mm thick galvanized steel sheets, this product offers a large storage space for your tools of approximately 130 x 80 cm inside. In addition, thanks to its material with lacquered protection, with this shed you can take care of your work materials from the weather and rust.

On the other hand, to increase the security level of this metal garden shed, you can put a padlock on the doors, to secure the interior of the shed. Keep in mind that the external measurements of this metal garden shed are 143 x 89 x 186 cm and its weight is about 29.5 kilograms.

If you still don’t know which garden shed to buy, don’t hesitate to give this model a try and look carefully at its features.


Storage : We are talking about a large garden shed, with a large storage space and internal dimensions of 130 x 80 cm.

Materials : It is made of a galvanized steel material that is very resistant to rain and weather.

Latch : It has a safety latch to which you can place a small padlock to increase the protection of your tools.


Floor : It is important to keep in mind that this garden shed does not incorporate a floor into its structure, so you must be careful about what material you place it on.

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4. Gardiun KIS12972 Ontario Metal Booth

× >One of the best-selling garden sheds today is this model from the manufacturer Gardiun, which is made of 0.25 mm thick galvanized steel and gray with white details. In addition, it is designed with a gabled roof that helps to optimally prevent retention and infiltration of rain.

This garden shed will allow you to store and protect all your gardening tools such as lawnmowers, shovels, rakes and other work materials. On the other hand, this model has vents in the upper part of the doors that allow the interior of the shed to be kept in better condition by avoiding air condensation.

In addition to its main function, this model of metal garden shed allows you to store firewood on one of its sides, so that it is well stacked and protected from the elements.

Although it is not one of the cheapest alternatives, we recommend you look at the positives and negatives of this outdoor garden shed.


Versatility : While you safely store your tools inside this shed, you can stack firewood on its side.

Materials : Thanks to its 0.25 mm galvanized steel manufacturing material, you can store your tools safely.

Ventilation : It incorporates two ventilation grids that allow to avoid the condensation of the air inside the shed.


Price : It is not among the cheap sheds at the moment, so if you have a tight budget, we recommend evaluating one of the alternatives on this list of garden sheds.

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Resin garden shed

5. Keter Manor 4×6 S Shed Garden shed with floor

× >Searching among the best alternatives offered by the market, we found this resin garden shed, with which you can safely store all your tools and utensils for the garden or home work.

This resin garden shed features a stylish faux-wood design with a door and two windows, allowing you to take advantage of natural light from outside. In addition, it has a grid that will help keep the interior of the shed ventilated, thus avoiding air condensation.

On the other hand, it allows you to place a padlock on your lock to increase the security of the objects stored inside. Its manufacture ensures optimum resistance to bad weather, in addition to the fact that it does not require any type of maintenance, being a model that is very easy to clean. Its dimensions are approximately 192 x 130 x 198 cm, so it is among the largest outdoor booths.

To choose the best garden shed, it is necessary to make a comparison of the most important characteristics of each model on this list. Here are the pros and cons of this product.


Windows : This garden shed incorporates two windows that allow natural light to enter with the door closed.

Safe : It is an alternative to keep your tools safe thanks to the fact that it allows you to place a padlock on the lock.

Materials : Resistant to any climate, this shed is made with quality and very durable materials.


Grilles : Keep in mind that the ventilation grilles do not have any type of mesh to keep bugs and mosquitoes out.

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6. Gardiun KSP38100 Mara Resin Shed

× >For users looking for a resin garden shed, this is one of the best alternatives. Being one of the cheapest resin models, this proposal is located within the most elegant and modern garden sheds, although it also allows the storage of all your work tools in an organized way.

Thanks to its gabled roof design, you won’t have to worry about leaks caused by rain. In addition, you will have the possibility to fix this resin garden shed well to the ground, to prevent strong wind from moving it or overturning it.

It incorporates practical vents and a side window to take advantage of natural light. It has external dimensions of 130 x 102 x 203 cm and its interior space is approximately 120 x 92 cm. In addition, this product weighs about 39 kilograms and is painted gray with white details.

To choose a functional garden shed, we recommend you take into account both the tools you are going to store and the advantages and disadvantages that this model offers you.


Ventilation : You will be able to avoid the condensation of the air that accumulates inside thanks to its ventilation by grids.

Window : It has a side window that allows you to take advantage of natural light.

Roof : The roof of this garden shed is designed with a gable, which allows you to avoid stagnation of water.


Floor : In case you are looking for a model that includes a floor, we recommend you analyze one of the resin garden sheds that you will find on the market.

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Sheet metal garden sheds

7. Outsunny Metal Shed Type Garden Shed

× >If you have a large space in your garden and you are looking for a shed where you can store all your tools or work materials in an organized and safe way, we recommend this alternative with a large interior space. This is one of the most functional and largest sheet metal garden sheds on the market, without being too expensive.

Its manufacturing material in lacquered sheet steel and propylene stands out, making it a very solid and stable shed, resistant to inclement weather. It also incorporates 4 vents and is designed with two sliding access doors that can be padlocked.

The dimensions of this booth are 277 x 191 x 192 cm and its net weight is 65 kilograms. In addition, the gabled roof allows the rain to slide to the sides and there is no stagnation. Likewise, the ridge of the roof is reinforced for greater resistance to strong winds.

Before buying a garden shed, remember to have compared all the characteristics of resistance and durability. This product offers a series of advantages and disadvantages that we name below.


Amplitude : The interior of this garden shed is quite spacious, which will allow you to store all kinds of tools without a problem.

Elevation : It has a special design that allows it to be elevated thanks to a base to prevent the walls from getting wet.

Safe : It has a double sliding door system with a latch that allows you to place a padlock on it and protect the interior of the shed.


Assembly : It is not one of the easiest outdoor sheds to assemble, so you will have to take the process calmly.

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PVC garden shed

8. Duramax PVC Storeall Shed

× >One of the best alternatives in garden sheds that you can find today is this model from the well-known Duramax brand, which stands out for perfectly resisting all types of climates thanks to its long-lasting vinyl construction that does not require much maintenance..

On the other hand, this plastic garden shed incorporates a galvanized steel structure that will guarantee maximum stability and optimal protection for all the tools you store inside. Additionally, this product has been tested to hold approximately 20lbs or 4sqft of snow without any issues.

Its design with two access doors allows the handles to be secured with a padlock for greater security. Its design with a gabled roof prevents rain from stagnating and its external dimensions are 168 x 245 x 220 cm. This PVC garden shed has 4 vents to keep its interior well ventilated.

Choosing an ideal garden shed for your needs requires a prior analysis of the positive and negative aspects of each model on the list, without forgetting to take a good look at this garden shed.


Material : Its manufacture in galvanized steel guarantees great stability and durability of the structure.

Storage : It has an internal space of 160 x 239 x 185 cm that will allow you to store all your tools without a problem.

Ventilation : It has 4 ventilation grilles that prevent condensation and the accumulation of bad odors inside the shed.


Assembly : It is necessary that you have a little experience assembling this type of product, since its installation is a bit complicated.

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Shopping guide

On many occasions, especially if you are a lover of DIY or gardening, the number of tools you have accumulates and you want to avoid having them all over your house. The best decision is to get a garden shed where you can store them all in an organized way and they are ready for use. However, given so many alternatives offered by the market for these products, we have decided to help you choose the model that best suits your needs, creating this small guide to buying the best garden shed that can help you in your decision.

The manufacturing material

One of the main aspects that you must take into account when making any comparison of garden sheds is the material with which they are made. Among the most common booths that you can find in the market are those made of steel, metal, resin and wood.

It is important to keep in mind that the material with which these sheds or garden houses are made. It must be durable and resistant to sudden changes in the weather, such as strong winds, torrential rain and even snow. Remember that it is a product that will be installed directly in the garden, so it will surely be completely exposed to the changes of the season.

Also, consider that the material with which the shed is made significantly affects how much the product costs, so if you have a tight budget, you need to be careful with this aspect. Of all the materials available on the market, the least economical is wood. On the contrary, just like cheap garden furniture, garden sheds made of PVC or resin are usually the cheapest alternatives.

Prefabricated or assembly kit

One feature that we recommend you consider is the choice between a garden shed that comes prefabricated or one that you have to assemble yourself, which will also affect the cost of the product on the market. Sometimes a pre-made model might be enough for you, depending on how many tools you need to store in it or if you are going to use it as a small nursery to care for the plants you are growing. However, these booths are noticeably more expensive.

On the other hand, an economical and equally functional solution is the shed to assemble. These models have an assembly kit and very detailed instructions that will guide you when assembling your booth. Like the prefabricated versions, these sheds also come in a wide variety of materials, so the idea is to choose between a prefabricated or ready-to-assemble garden shed, but made of materials that are resistant to the weather conditions on site. Where do you live.


Another key factor that you should look at when making the choice is the size of the product. Due to the wide variety of alternatives available, you will have a large number of options to select from, however, this feature must be adjusted to the available space you have in your garden to place it and how many tools or garden materials you want to store in it.

Keep in mind that a shed that is too small, although cheaper, will not be enough to store all your things, so you will surely have to spend extra money later. Therefore, make sure you choose a good and cheap shed that meets all your needs.

soil integration

We also recommend paying attention to a feature that varies greatly from one model to another and is the incorporation or not of an artificial floor. Keep in mind that not all models of garden sheds incorporate an artificial floor, so sometimes the model you choose, even if it is cheaper, must be placed on top of the garden floor, be it grass, sand, earth or stones.

On the other hand, you can choose a shed that has an artificial floor, which will allow it to be higher and not have direct contact with the ground of your garden, something very important on rainy or snowy days, since, in this case, the lower part of the shed will not get wet. The main benefit of this is that it will significantly extend the life of your shed walls.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use a garden shed?

In the network we can get a large number of models of very functional booths and of all kinds of sizes. Depending on the proportions of the model you have, you can use it for one thing or another. The main use of these products is to help you store and organize all your work tools for DIY or gardening.

Q2: How to make a wooden garden shed?

There are many simple ways to make your own garden shed with wood that you can find on the net, among which one of the most interesting is using pallets.

It is recommended to use pallets that are in good condition and are not wet, broken or rotten. Also, some concrete blocks will be used for the foundation. If the shed is very large, it will be necessary to use wooden beams to help keep the roof stable. You can add a door with a sheet of plywood or pallets, as well as the walls, so that no water enters when it rains.

Finally, it is highly recommended to seal and protect the wood with some varnish or sealant, so that, finally, you can put some lighting, especially in case the shed is going to be used at night.

Q3: How to insulate a garden shed?

Insulating a garden shed, as well as helping to resist moisture and rainwater, will bring a certain level of comfort to your interior. That is why many manufacturers make available a wide variety of types of insulation, which can be easily placed in any shed.

One of the most important parts is the roof, so put a layer of insulation over the wood and then some roofing felt, shingles, or whatever type of covering you want. The floor part can be done in a similar way, laying down wooden slats first, then the preferred insulation material, and finally other wooden boards.

Q4: How to make a brick garden shed?

One of the main things that you have to take into account when building your next garden shed is to have the necessary permits and pay the corresponding fees to the town hall. Next, you can start with the construction by acquiring the necessary materials, such as bricks and cement.

Determine where in your garden you will place it and proceed to flatten and smooth the ground. Then, mix the cement and place the bricks one by one, joining them with the cement mix, following the design you have in mind.

Q5: How is a metal garden shed assembled?

After gathering all the necessary tools to assemble the garden shed, you will need to follow the manufacturer’s instructions, making sure to remove the protective plastic that covers and protects the parts of the shed, if it has one. You always start by looking at the exact place in your garden where you are going to place it and then place the base frame, trying to secure it well with screws so that it is correctly aligned and you have stable walls. You can then continue with the instructions provided by the manufacturer.

Q6: How to organize a garden shed?

On the net you can find several creative ways to organize your tools inside a garden shed, however, the main idea is to place them in order of use, so that you have quick access to them. In addition, it is highly recommended to get rid of the tools that are in poor condition to avoid any type of accident, so it is advisable to start by reviewing each one.

Q7: What flooring to put in a garden shed?

On the net you can find a wide variety of ideal insulating floors to place at the base of your garden shed, so you can choose a piece of the dimensions that fit your shed model perfectly. Among the most common materials for exterior floors, those made of composite or synthetic compounds, wood or pure plastic stand out, each with its particular benefits.

Q8: Which is better, plastic or wooden garden shed?

First of all, the sheds made of wood tend to eat away and rot in bad weather, however, their installation is usually easier than models made of other materials. On the other hand, plastic garden sheds tend to have less maintenance, although with the passage of time and the sun they tend to discolor and crack. In this sense, both materials have their pros and cons, but most users prefer wooden sheds, since, in addition to being able to easily change parts damaged by bad weather, wood is considered a natural insulator.

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