The 8 Best Hedge Shears of 2022

Hedge shears – Buying guide, opinions and analysis

For those who love gardening, there is nothing better than having hedges and bushes cared for and well pruned. To do this, it is necessary to have the right tools such as saws, pruning shears and, of course, good hedge clippers that will help you shape and cut the most rebellious branches. In this article we will compare some of the best models on the market such as the Bosch AHS with copper electric motor, 45 cm bar and anti-corrosion coating or the Bellota 355, a model of traditional and reliable pruning shears, like all the tools of the brand..

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The 8 Best Hedge Shears – Opinions 2022

To maintain the neat appearance of the garden, it is necessary to have the best tools that allow you to cut the thickest branches and that, in addition, are safe and durable. Below, we offer you our opinion on the best hedge trimmers on the market.

Electric Hedge Shears

1. Bosch AHS 45-16 Hedge Shears

× >The Bosch ASH 45-16 electric hedge shears are the solution for those who are looking for a powerful machine with which to carry out most of the clearing and pruning tasks in a garden or orchard. With a 45 or 55 cm bar, to choose according to your needs, you will be able to work with young and medium-sized hedges and on trees up to one meter in size.

Bosch is considered by many users to be the best brand of hedge shears and this model, with a 450 V electric motor, is a good example of this. Thanks to its design, which has reduced weight, it will allow you to work for hours without getting tired and, with the drag force of the motor, you will obtain the best finishes on the first pass, pruning both short and longer branches without effort.


Design: Thanks to its design, it is very comfortable to use with one or two hands and in any position. Even with your arms up, you’ll hardly notice its weight.

Power : With a 420-watt copper electric motor, you’ll have enough power to trim and clear any small to medium hedge.

Balance : The extra front handle is designed to offer excellent balance and reduce stress on the arms.


Sword: This hedge trimmer is designed to work with small and medium hedges, so the size of the sword may not be enough for tougher jobs.

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2. Black & Decker GSL700-QW Lawn Mower Kit

× >The Black & Decker GSL700-QW electric hedge trimmer offers you everything you need to maintain the appearance of your hedges, but also that of your lawn. If you have ever wondered which hedge trimmer to buy to take care of your garden yourself, with this kit you will be able to do it and without having to depend on other tools, since it is a 2 in 1 that will allow you to cut hedges and bushes, as well as trim the lawn edges.

It has a 7V electric motor and a built-in charge indicator that will show you the level of the high-performance lithium battery at all times. The system of stainless and resistant blades is easy to change, something to be thankful for in this type of tool. The blade is 15 cm, with a tooth spacing of 8 mm.


Size : It is a manual machine, small in size and weight, which will allow you to work freely for quite some time.

Versatility: By having two types of interchangeable blades you can prune and trim hedges and bushes, and also profile and level the lawn.

Battery: The 1.3 Ah lithium battery will allow you to work for hours without having to charge it and without depending on cables.


Blades: The blades that the machine incorporates lose their sharpness easily, although it can be solved by buying some separately.

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Bellota hedge shears

3. Bellota 3555 Hedge and lawnmower shears

× >The Bellota hedge shears have a traditional design, with a long blade that gardening lovers will like. These could be the best price-quality hedge trimmers, since they have the Bellota quality guarantee and a price for all budgets.

The blade and counter blade are coated with non-stick materials to prevent corrosion caused by pruning debris. In addition, this coating allows a much cleaner and more efficient cut, something very interesting in such cheap scissors. In addition, the blade has two positions: horizontal to trim and trim edges and vertical to define the shape of the plant.

The handles are made of steel, so they will resist the continuous pressure of the hand, and they are covered in rubber, which facilitates the grip, prevents them from slipping and offers them a more ergonomic touch, so that the hand does not suffer and thus avoid the muscle tension.


Design: The design of long blades and ergonomic handles will allow you to work for hours without getting tired and without noticing tension in your forearm.

Rotating blade: The two-position blade is designed to offer greater versatility and better performance when working.

Brand : Bellota is synonymous with high quality tools, which guarantees that the investment will be worth it.


Opening system: The leaves do not open by themselves when cutting, which can be a bit tedious, especially for long pruning tasks.

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telescopic hedge shears

4. Grüntek Telescopic Hedge Shears Pruning Shears

× >Grüntek’s telescopic hedge shears offer four different positions, allowing you to reach a total height of 825 mm. If you are wondering which is the best hedge trimmer for work at height, this could be one of the best and cheapest options on the market.

The shear blades and telescopic handles are very comfortable and will allow you to cut both dry and green wood with minimal effort. Being extensible, you will be able to reach high and uncomfortable places easily. The blades are Teflon coated to prevent corrosion from plant debris and have an overall length of 240mm, with a treated edge for extra hardness. At the same time, the handle is rubberized to make it easier to grip.

On the other hand, the scissors have shock absorbers to avoid bumps during work, which provides a smooth and safer end of cut.


Shock absorbers: One of the main dangers during the cut is dry hits at the end of a cut, the shock absorbers incorporated in these scissors avoid this problem and facilitate the task.

Blade length: With a length of 240 mm, you can cut all kinds of branches and reach awkward places more easily.


Weight: The scissors weigh a little over a kilo, which can be annoying to work for a long time.

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Other products

5. Fiskars Singlestep Hedge Shears Wavy Steel Blade

× >The Fiskars shears are considered by many users to be the best hedge shears of the moment, thanks to their wavy steel edge that will allow you to cut hedges, bushes and bushes, both with dry and green firewood. These types of blades offer a better fit and a cleaner and more efficient cut, with which you will obtain much more precise finishes than with other blades and scissors.

The handles, slightly longer than those of other models, are designed to facilitate the action and relieve tension in the shoulders. In addition, they have anti-impact stops that cushion the blows at the end of the cut. The blades and handles are made of high-quality tempered steel, which guarantees a very long useful life. In addition, the blades can be easily sharpened or replaced with new ones if they become worn.


Design : The design with wavy blades and longer handles allows for a much more precise and clean cut, as well as facilitating the cutting action, relieving tension in the shoulders and arms.

Materials : The blades and handles are made of high quality steel. The blades have corrosion protection and the handles are covered with non-slip rubber.


Size: Due to the size of the blade and the handle, these scissors are not suitable for cutting large hedges or trees with very woody branches.

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6. AmazonBasics Hedge Shear

× >For those looking for quality and cheap products, AmazonBasics offers a wide range of tools. These hedgecutters have a very powerful blade, made of carbon steel, which guarantees a more precise and easy cut, a more durable edge and greater protection against corrosion by plant debris.

The handle is ergonomic and rubber coated to make it easier to grip, while the coating makes them more comfortable as the rounded handles don’t dig into your hand when you cut. In addition, they include a stop that has shock absorber functions to avoid bumps at the end of the cut and a very simple and fast blade change system.


Coated Steel: The carbon coated steel of the blades makes them almost indestructible, you will be able to cut easily and they will not rust over time.

Change system: The tool-free blade change system will allow you to open the scissors whenever you want to change the blades or to clean them.


Strength: These scissors are designed for small and medium shrubs and thickets, with non-woody branches. If used to cut thick branches, the handle may break due to excessive force.

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7. Gardena EasyCut Electric Hedge Shears

× >These could be the best hedge shears of 2022, since they have the guarantee of the Gardena brand, one of the best brands of garden tools. In addition, they have a 420 W motor, more than enough to cut and shape any type of hedge, bush or small and medium tree.

It has a weight of 2.6 kg, so it is a light tool, with which you can work for a long time. The sword is 45 cm long and the separation between the blades is 18 mm, which offers you clean and very precise cuts. It has an anti-corrosion coating and protection against impacts, to protect your hands during work and the blades whenever you work close to the ground.

On the other hand, the design is very comfortable, with an ergonomic handle and a large start button.


Power : With a 420 W motor you will be able to carry out all kinds of cutting and leveling tasks for hedges and thickets, even in woody vegetation you will obtain clean cuts.

Design : The central handle has a special ergonomic shape to facilitate grip and the second handle, with the start button, allows you to work comfortably, relieving the tension of the arms.


Cable: The tool must be connected to the power outlet, since it does not have a battery. This can be annoying, especially when working outdoors and in large gardens.

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8. Allper Folding Garden Pruner

× >If you are looking for the best hedge trimmer for your garden, Allper could be the solution. It is a pair of scissors with a 30 cm long wavy blade, made of top quality steel and coated with carbon. The corrugated blade allows a finer and cleaner cut, with greater precision and without effort. In addition, at the end of the blade it incorporates a hole specially designed to act as a lopper that will allow you to work with woody and hard branches.

The handles are also made of resistant metal and are covered with non-slip rubber, which allows a firmer and more comfortable grip. They have shock-absorbing stops, which will prevent shocks at the end of the cut. Thanks to the slightly longer handles, you will be able to reach high or awkward places and cut more easily.


Branch cutter: The hole for the branch cutter included at the end of the blades is an interesting extra, since with it you can cut woody and thick branches more easily.

Length : The length of the blades and handles will allow you to make clean and more precise cuts, with less effort, and to reach high or awkward places.


Blades: The blades cannot be changed, which can be a problem as it shortens the life of the scissors.

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Shopping guide

After our comparison of the best hedge shears, we are going to move on to a buying guide in which we will explain, point by point, what are the main factors to look at before choosing one of these shears. Before you buy, it’s important to understand what makes a quality scissors or one that makes it suitable for your needs.

manual or electric

To begin with, you will have to choose between electric or manual hedge trimmers. The electric models will allow you to work with greater freedom, since you will only have to hold the machine and direct the sword towards the part of the plant that you want to cut, the motor turns the blades of the sword and they make the cut. These scissors are more expensive, but they save you time and effort when cutting.

A good and cheap manual hedge trimmer can cost you just over ten euros. These are very solid tools and very easy to use, no matter if you are an experienced gardener or if you have never picked one up before. Manual shears require more effort on your part, but on the other hand they are usually better for working with thicker vegetation. In some cases, they are even suitable for large-diameter and woody branches.

On the other hand, electric hedge trimmers can be corded or battery powered. This factor will influence how much the tool costs, since the cable ones are usually cheaper. The battery ones are lighter and allow you to move more freely, something very important when working outside.


The handle is another factor that cannot be overlooked in a guide to buying the best hedge trimmer. This is a very important element, since not only the total length of the tool will depend on it, but also its ease of use and comfort.

In the market you will find long and short mangoes. The short ones adapt better to the hand, while the long ones facilitate the cut, by better distributing the force, and also allow you to reach high or uncomfortable places. Choosing between one and the other will depend on your needs, since if you are going to cut low hedges that you can easily reach, it is best to buy a compact, cheaper and lighter shears.

You should also pay close attention to the coating. This must be as ergonomic as possible and always be made of non-slip rubber, to prevent the tool from slipping due to sweat. It must also be well adapted to the contour of the hand, since they are tools that require some effort and, if they are not comfortable, cause tension in the wrists and shoulders, which can end up causing injuries.

If possible, choose a scissor that has shock-absorbing-type stops. These accessories prevent dry hits, common at the end of a cut, especially on thick branches. These blows can cause damage to the shoulders and back, so the shock absorber is an accessory that will allow you to work longer without tiring.


Blades are another very important factor when choosing your hedge shears. This part is the one that does the cutting, so you will need to choose the best quality blades possible.

In this aspect, you should always look for tools made with steel and with treatments to improve hardness and sharpness. This will allow you to work longer without having to sharpen them, which will lengthen the useful life of the scissors, since continuous sharpening wears down the blade, until it becomes brittle.

Whenever possible, choose scissors that have wavy blades. This type of blade makes pruning easier, allowing for much cleaner and easier cuts, relieving pressure on the shoulders and hands.

It is also worth looking at the treatments of the leaves. You should always choose scissors that have anti-corrosion treatments that protect the metal from rust. This is very important, since the scissors are designed to work outdoors and on vegetables, which when cut release liquids that can corrode metal.

The length of the leaves is another important point that you should pay attention to. Manual and compact hedgecutters will have smaller blades, designed to make fine cuts in hedges and small bushes. Those with long leaves, on the other hand, will allow you to cut somewhat thicker branches and reach high places or those that are difficult to access.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use a hedge trimmer?

First of all, if it is an electric hedge trimmer, it is advisable to read the user manual. Familiarize yourself with the tool, its parts, and their functions before working with it. Next, fit the sword or blades, making sure they are secure, and plug the machine into the nearest power outlet. If you are going to work outside, make sure you have an extension cord long enough to work freely.

To cut, all you have to do is direct the blade or sword towards the cutting area and activate the motor. The tool will do all the work, while you concentrate on directing it. Always avoid woody and thick areas, as they could break or split the blade and cause an accident.

In the case of manual hedgecutters, the task is much easier. You just have to take them by the handle and place the branches you want to cut between the blades, the deeper the better. Then squeeze the handles so the blades close and you’re done. Repeat the process until you have trimmed an entire hedge.

Q2: How to sharpen a hedge trimmer?

The first step is to clean the leaves well, removing any plant debris that may be stuck. You can use a thick bristle brush and a little water, or just a cloth. Next, using a whetstone, grind down all the notches or indentations on the cutting edges until they are even. Clean the scissors again, dry them and apply lubricant to the joint and to the entire metal surface.

You can also use coarse or medium grit sandpaper by folding the paper over and making long, hard strokes from the base of the blade to the tip. You can also cut the sandpaper about 20 times with the scissors themselves, as you cut, the grain sharpens the blade and you will notice the difference. You can improve the finish with fine-grain sandpaper.

Q3: How to clean a hedge trimmer?

You can clean the scissors with water and a coarse or metal bristle brush. It is also possible to clean them by submerging them in a mixture of water and bleach, with a ratio of 10 to 1, that is, if you submerge it in 20 ml of water, you must add 2 ml of bleach. This will remove all plant debris as well as rust from the leaves.

Remember that you should always dry the scissors well after cleaning them.

Q4: How to charge a battery hedge trimmer?

To charge the batteries, you must use the battery charger that the brands include in the purchase package. If it is the first time they are charged, you should leave them between 8 and 24 hours, so that they can carry out a complete charge cycle. From this first, each battery has different charging times, which will be indicated by the manufacturer.

To charge, you just have to connect the charging base to the power outlet and connect the battery to that base. Normally, batteries and bases have light signals that warn that the charging process has finished.

Q5: Which is better, manual or electric hedge trimmers?

It depends on the needs and the use that is going to be given to it. Electric hedge trimmers are usually best for small and home gardens, with small to medium bushes and hedges, with thin trunks and non-woody branches. They are very light and allow you to work quickly, but they are not a good option for dense and woody vegetation. In this case, the best are the manual ones, which allow more pressure to be exerted on the branches to cut them.

Q6: How are telescopic hedge shears attached?

They are usually fixed to holes in the poles, which are intended to insert the handles of the scissors. These are attached to the pole using wing-shaped screws that can be manually tightened and loosened.

Q7: Why do hedge shears get stuck?

Usually, hedge shears get stuck because a lot of plant material accumulates in the screw that joins the two blades. When cutting branches, the remains of the cut slide through the leaves and end up accumulating in this area, creating a kind of «paste» that hardens over time, until it jams the scissors. If this happens, it will be necessary to disassemble the leaves and clean this area, paying special attention to removing any remaining vegetation or corrosion.

They can also get clogged by rust, which is often caused by corrosive pruning juices. In this case, it is best to lubricate the blade joint area well, although it is necessary to clean them well first, to remove any residue that may be stuck.

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