Tips for taking care of the lawn in winter

With the arrival of winter, it seems that the garden goes into the background. Something that, as we saw a few days ago in this other post, is a mistake since, even when it’s cold, there are gardening tasks in January that will help us maintain our nature for the next spring season.

One of those great forgotten of our care is usually the lawn. A green and natural mantle that, far from simply resisting the drop in temperatures, has a series of specific needs.

And it is that, despite the fact that it does not grow as at other times of the year, there are certain tricks to take care of the lawn in winter. Some tips that will help your health and minimize the impact of the cold.


It is clear that if we have applied a good layer of slow release fertilizer during the autumn we will have protected, a priori, the lawn from winter. However, and beyond this precaution, it is important to carry out some vital additional tasks for its maintenance.

To begin with, it is important to remove with a rake the dry and wet leaves that will be beginning to decompose on the lawn. Far from thinking that it can be a good natural fertilizer, the truth is that the presence of low temperatures and ice can turn the leaves not only into a perfect aid for the lawn to rot, but also into an ideal source for one of the great enemies of the lawn: fungi.

Precisely because of the latter, it is important to take some precautions when we cut the lawn. In these cold months, the ideal is to mow as little as possible and, when we do, keep the grass cut high. In this way we will not only help protect the roots of the lawn or prevent the bad companions of the lawn (moss and weeds, which we will have to continue eliminating in winter) from becoming resistant; but, in addition, we will try to mow when it is already dry (avoiding the hours after frost) to avoid the proliferation of fungi.

Also for this reason, we will have to lower the watering pattern of the lawn considerably in winter if it does not rain. We must bear in mind that frosts bring dew and, therefore, humidity. Hence, with it and with the rains, it is more than enough for the lawn. In the event that it does not rain or freeze (which is the case in the last nights of winter), the ideal is to water it once a week. On this, another important piece of advice: water in the middle of the day. In this way, we will make it easier for daylight hours to help us eliminate excess water and prevent (again) it from rotting.

Simple tasks with a single purpose: to keep the grass in our garden in the best condition, even during the cold.

A bet on health and future so that, in a few months, it will be as beautiful as it was last spring.

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