Tomato Blooms

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When does the tomato bloom?

Seeing a tomato plant bloom is one of the events that could generate the most emotion for you because it means that the fruits are close.Knowing this whole process will help you know how to identify that everything is going well and, most importantly, how to react when something is unusual.

Although each type of tomato has a slightly different process and the flowering stage responds to issues such as the weather, here we give you the generalities. Write them down or save this post if you need it so that you have the opportunity to consult it whenever necessary. For now we are going to read, do you sign up?

When does the tomato bloom?

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The tomato blooms one to two months after you’ve done the transplant. It can always take a little longer or a little less. Many factors influence this process to ensure that this stage of development occurs conveniently, here they are:

  1. The temperature: if it is too low, it will cause a delay in the birth of flowers.
  2. Exposure to sunlight: tomato plants need sufficient sunlight to develop and carry out all their processes.
  3. The presence of pests or diseases: a plant that is not healthy will be unable to develop its processes normally.
  4. Space: If the tomato plants are in pots and the roots do not have enough space to expand, they will take longer to flower.
  5. Nutrients: If the substrate does not have the proper nutrients to develop, the flowers may not arrive.

What is the tomato flowering stage like?

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The flowering stage of the tomato occurs when the plant is advanced in size, usually when the fifth, sixth or seventh leaf is born. Even in some plantations, this process could be extended until reaching the tenth leaf, since the species and the environmental conditions greatly influence it.

It must be considered that at this point the plant is in the «practice» phase, so to speak, so it is common for it to abort many flowers. This does not mean that something is wrong with the plant. To consider a negative situation, a general assessment must be made later on.

Now, when the flowering process has already been established, the behavior will be very specific: every three leaves, a cluster.Yes, this is how you read it. The tomato plant is a rootstock plant and with very limited exceptions it will maintain that flowering strategy.

Why doesn’t the tomato bloom?

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There are certain reasons that can lead to a tomato plant not blooming properly. They are between them:

  1. The temperature of the environment is very low or very high. The ideal is between 20 and 25º C.
  2. That the relative humidity is in inappropriate ranges. Here we must assess that it goes from 40 to 70%, taking care of very pronounced excesses or defects. In any case, it is one of the most difficult factors to control.
  3. Nitrogen levels are not in the correct ratio. Nitrogen is one of the main nutrients of the tomato and this means that sometimes too much is added to it, causing problems in its development. It is even possible that it also has very little for fear of over-fertilizing it.

How many crops does a tomato plant give?

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The answer to this question is good news for all those who decide to plant tomatoes in their home garden because they are very productive. The same tomato plant is capable of offering between 3 and 6 harvests for each vegetative cycle.

Of course, all this is influenced by the type of tomato in question and the conditions to which the plant is subjected. The more cared for and with better environmental conditions, the more possibilities there are to enjoy a large and numerous production.

Tomato cultivation is ideal for days when the heat begins to make an appearance because they prefer this climate. Of course, that is more than beneficial for us as we manage to obtain rich and juicy harvests to prepare more refreshing dishes.

And it is that the tomato is so valuable that just by chopping it in half and sprinkling a little salt, you will already be enjoying an exquisite flavor and with little effort.

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