Types of outdoor ornamental plants

Outdoor ornamental plants are a simple and extremely beautiful way to decorate any garden. They are, in themselves, a perfect bet so that our little piece of nature has the personality that we want to give it. But beware: this is not only valid for the spring and summer months. If we carefully choose outdoor ornamental plants, we can enjoy their natural beauty throughout the year.

It is not the only myth about outdoor ornamental plants that needs to be broken. We tend to believe that these plants are only suitable for gardens. And yet, nothing is further from reality. There are a good number of them that can be grown in pots without too much trouble. A super interesting option not only for those who have a terrace or a balcony. It can also be a great way for those who want to play with color and volume, keys to landscaping, in a garden.

And now comes the question. The one that many people do on a recurring basis: what, exactly, are the so-called outdoor ornamental plants? To answer that question is precisely this post today.


To begin with, it is convenient to know what exactly are the so-called outdoor ornamental plants. And it is that, despite the fact that it is a recurring term and with which we are familiar, on many occasions it calls for error. Ornamental plants are considered those that have a decorative purpose within a space. The definition, already in itself, opens another question: are they, then, all ornamental plants? And the answer is yes. It is estimated that of the almost 40,000 plants that human beings use to beautify their environment, 85% of them are ornamental plants for exteriors or interiors.

If we see them only as decorative living elements, we would be leaving aside other fundamental aspects. A good part of the outdoor ornamental plants also seek to act as magnets for the wildlife that surrounds them. When we consider how to attract pollinating insects to the garden, this type of plant is essential both for its flowering and its fragrance. And not only that: they are also beneficial for other necessary animals such as lizards or birds.

For all these reasons, outdoor ornamental plants cannot be missing among ours. A way to enjoy its aesthetics but also to help the world around us.

Types of outdoor ornamental plants

Knowing the types of outdoor ornamental plants that exist means being surprised. And it is that, under this name, plants as different from each other as ferns or bulbs are included. A surprising detail that, at the same time, gives us a very interesting clue. One of the attractions of outdoor ornamental plants is that they give a lot of play when it comes to combining different plant species. And not only that: given the variety of plants that fall into this category, finding the right one for our tastes or the climate characteristics of our space is guaranteed.

Let’s see what are the different types of outdoor ornamental plants that we can enjoy, individually or in combination with each other.

1. Shrubs, one of the most used outdoor ornamental plants

We are not exaggerating if we say that they are authentic essentials in the design of an exterior. But not only because they provide volumes. Other virtues of shrubs is their ability to create areas with certain fragrances, act as natural closures or even create movement. Usually, they are the outdoor ornamental plants on which the rest of the space is articulated.

The variety of bushes is enormous, and only with a few strokes we can realize their incredible versatility. There are as a flower, evergreen, with fruits, upholstery or even with the ability to create natural screens.

An important advice regarding this type of outdoor ornamental plants. It is essential to know its characteristics before planting. And we are not just referring to your needs. It is just as important to know what their volume is when they grow. the best way to

2. Climbing plants, a perfect option to fill any surface with nature

Whether with or without flowers, there is no doubt that the main value of climbing plants is their decorative ability. Woody and usually resistant, this type of outdoor ornamental plants only needs a support to be able to grow. However, be careful: there are some climbing plants that are not very resistant to cold or that need a lot of sun. The best way to make them that wall of nature that we hope to have is to strictly meet their needs.

The Bougainvillea is an ornamental plant that resists saline soils and winds but not intense cold

Added and as with bushes, the world of climbing plants is also vast. And, although there are exponents with flowers as beautiful as the climbing rose bush or the bougainvillea, there are also a good number of them whose beauty does not make flowers surprising. This is the case of ivy, evergreen; or the Virginia vine, a climber that reserves its beauty for the autumn months. Enjoying its characteristic red leaves only happens by knowing the simple care of the virgin vine.

3. Bulbs, the favorite of gardeners

They are the quintessential outdoor ornamental plants for many reasons. The main one is its incredible versatility in colors and shapes. But it is not the only reason why bulbs have so many unconditional lovers. In addition to being extremely easy to grow, thanks to them we can enjoy flowers in any space practically all year round. We leave another of its attractions for last: with proper care, they multiply on their own. Something that we must always contemplate when planning its sowing.

The Tulip is one of the most popular bulbous ornamental plants that exist

Beyond the fact that the list of spring bulbs or autumn bulbs that we can count on is extensive, there is another detail to consider. It is interesting to know how to plant bulbs in pots by levels because, in this way, we can enjoy highly decorative simultaneous blooms.

6. Lawn, one of the most surprising outdoor ornamental plants

Yes, although it is little known, grass is also an ornamental plant. And it is that, if we stop to think, it is thanks to him that our garden looks upholstered.

Precisely because of its decorative value, it is important to take care of the lawn as it should. From carefully choosing the right grass seeds for each area of ​​the garden to preparing the ground or applying the necessary care when winter ends. A way to bet on a well-cared lawn that will help us enjoy, above all, sunny days

7. Palm trees, the exotic touch of any exterior

The perfect tropical touch for any garden. There is no doubt that the Palm tree is one of those trees that not only have a long-lasting character but are even resistant to cold.

Species such as the Palmetto or the Canary Palm are a perfect choice for a garden even in our latitudes (since they resist even 17 degrees below zero in the case of the former). The only thing: we will have to be patient, since its growth is slow until it reaches the height at which we usually see them.

Different types of plants, different characteristics. A world, that of ornamental plants, ready to be discovered and become part of the planning of any garden.

And you, what plants do you prefer to decorate your own Nature?

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