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The tomato belongs to the Solanaceae family, which includes about 75 genera and about 2,300 species of plants that produce toxic alkaloids. In fact, it is one of the few edible nightshades that exist, so its relevance in human nutrition is considerable.

There are almost a hundred varieties, which are classified according to their use, size and shape, all of them divided into tomatoes for cooking and tomatoes for salad. Among them, the most widely traded variety tends to be between 5 and 6 cm in diameter.

Likewise, their colors range from deep crimson to orange, yellow, green, purple and chocolate.

To deepen on tomato planting:

Main tomato varieties

Due to the way they grow, we can divide tomatoes into two types:

Bushy or determinate: they grow in bushes between 60 and 90 cm high. The shoots at the ends form flowers instead of leaves. After the fruit ripens, they die.

Vine or indeterminate: they grow on vines that can reach up to 3 meters in length, so they require support for cultivation.

They are generally later than determinate tomatoes and produce larger crops over a longer period. These, moreover, flower on the lateral shoots of the main stems.

Now, to choose which variety to cultivate, in addition to considering its growth form, we must also take into account what we want to use them for, since there are different varieties, each one with specific characteristics for its consumption.

Amongthe most common tomato varieties of tomato, we can find:


They are lobe -shaped and of good size. Its interior has almost no pulp, but it is highly appreciated for its flavor.


Cherry tomatoes are a type of tomato that are very small in size —hence their name— and have a thin skin. Its flavor is sweet and pleasant. There are red and yellow varieties.

It is a variety resistant to virosis and cracking, and very sensitive to sudden changes in temperature.


The Daniela tomato is a typical variety of ripe tomato, spherical in shape and very juicy.


The pear tomato, also called Roman or tear tomato, is a variety of tomato that is characterized by its mild and sweet flavor. It is very meaty, which makes it widely used for preserves, sauces and purées. Also, when it is fresh, it is ideal for making dried tomatoes.

It is found in red, orange or yellow colors.


A variety, similar to plum tomato, very fleshy and juicy.


The Raf is the result of the crossing of certain varieties, to achieve resistance to fusarium, hence its name: Resistant to Fusarium.

It is characterized by its irregular, somewhat flattened shape, with grooves along the sides. They are very fleshy and their color varies from deep green to reddish orange, with dark green stripes around the top. In general, the darker it is, the sweeter the tomato.

Type Beef

Indeterminate tomato variety that produces large fruits with little consistency.

Vemone Type

Much cultivated in Italy. They are tomatoes that have a high degree of acidity and sugar, which is caused by water stress during cultivation.

This variety is not very resistant to diseases.

Corsage Type

The bouquet or Mallorcan tomato is highly appreciated for its quality. It is a widely cultivated variety in Andalusia and other regions of Spain.

They are very resistant and one of their peculiarities is that they can be kept for approximately 6 months.

They are small in size and deep red in color. They are tomatoes with a lot of juice and a fleshy pulp.

They are eaten roasted, fried and in salads.

beefsteak tomato

My favourite.

Quite characteristically, the ox heart has a thin skin and an intense color that varies from red to orange. It is a corpulent tomato, which can reach up to 500 grams in weight.

It has a sweet flavor and the pulp is succulent, very juicy and with very few seeds.

Due to its size, it is an ideal variety for stuffing, although it is also very common in sauces, salads or marinades.


The kumato tomato, also known as the black tomato. It is one of the most unique varieties. Its shape is round and its skin is an unmistakable dark color.

It is a fleshy tomato with a very exquisite pulp. In addition, another of its peculiarities is that it has the same proportion of antioxidants as blueberries and blackberries.

They are used as companions in main dishes, appetizers, salads, sauces, drinks and desserts.

Other tomato varieties

  • Pear of Girona.
  • Rome.
  • Muchamiel.
  • Orchard.
  • Terrades.
  • Sonatine.
  • Sober.
  • Meltin.
  • Marglobe.
  • Belle of Rose

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