Urban garden: a space to cultivate good habits and relationships

From the experience that AGROHUERTO.COM is giving me, I can say that urban gardens are an important social space. At the time I wrote about it in the article SOCIAL NETWORK: URBAN ORCHARDS and as for that then I explained:

The orchards in the towns were places where, in addition to taking out food for day to day, they were points where people related

Over the years, this had been forgotten and now we return to take up these concepts that life in the cities had left a little forgotten. I return to this topic again because I would like to divulge and discuss with you a presentation by Alberto Peralta at TEDx in Madrid. But first of all, I put you in situation.

A traditional orchard in Urueñas

What is TEDx?

TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) is an annual event, which has been held since 1984, in which the world’s leading thinkers and entrepreneurs come together to share the experiences they are most passionate about. This year it will be held from October 6 to 10 in Rio de Janeiro and over the last few years personalities such as Isabel Allende or Rose Goslinga have participated, and important personalities such as Bill Clinton, Bill Gates or Bono have been among the public.

The organizers wanted this dissemination format to expand more locally and in this way TEDx was born, that is; a TED organized in a municipality, for example; TEDxMadrid. TED transmits to the organizers of TEDx the bases in which they have to manage and the result is an event in which in a smaller way, but not less important; the concerns of people who are much closer to us.

TEDxMadrid logo


The TED organization has been carrying out TEDxMadrid for 5 years. On July 14 of this year, a TEDxMadrid was held in the Campo de la cebada (this same September another will be held in the Matadero). In this edition that was held in the hot month of July, as I have tried to explain to you before, the event is made up of short talks and some videos, and neighbors collaborate at zero cost in the organization.

In one of the talks, Alberto Peralta participated with the title: Urban Gardens: a space to cultivate habits and relations.Alberto Peralta is one of the people we met during our report we did at ESTAESUNAPLAZA in Lavapiés. and as you will be hearing, explains the Network of Community Gardens of Madrid.

I hang the video and now we talk about it

We are going to collect some of the data that Alberto has commented on and discuss it.

Recovery of empty lots to create urban gardens

The Rehdmad has around 1000 citizens whose objective is to recover empty and UNUSED lots. I put this in capital letters because I believe that mechanisms of action can be established between the owner of the plot (private or public) and a temporary non-profit social project such as a garden. That is to say, I believe that there are unused lots that are waiting for an offer from a vendor on duty and that it could last for years. In this passage of time, it can be used in a civic way by an association that presents a project. I insist on the project, because in this way a responsibility is created on the part of the new users. Avoiding falling into neglect or misuse. But also, we have to take into account those lots that are abandoned by their owners and that can be used in the same way. It seems incredible to me that until a few months ago and thanks to the Network of orchards in Madrid and the FRAM,Regularization of the orchards due to the fact that the orchard is not verified as a land use. According to the news published on, the Madrid City Council has 60 vacant lots and 952,899.20 euros have been budgeted for their maintenance over the next 24 months. ALMOST 1 MILLION EUROS!

Do we still not believe that we have not disassociated ourselves from the field? We have to take advantage of this ecological trend, to call it fashion. Because fashions are temporary and despite the fact that they return, man and the earth must be linked.

Without a doubt, the title of the exhibition could not be more appropriate. The garden was, is and will be a space where good habits and relationships are cultivated. Why miss this opportunity in many neighborhoods? For an empty lot that has an owner? The garden can be a space where people gather and increase the coexistence of the neighborhood. Think about it, how many people do you know in the neighborhood? You may meet many of them and tell me what a little question I should ask, but perhaps you will get to know her better by working side by side with her. In addition, it is no longer just the subject of horticulture, you may like other things or have other opinions on life and around this space generated by the garden, find new perspectives.

I may leave things in the pipeline, but in future articles on we will bring it up.

A big hug to all

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