Vine Treatment: [Pruning and Sulfur Application]

The vine, after offering a harvest, needs to be prepared for the new process.

The reason is that it is usually left with an accumulation of non-functional parts that can cause loss of nutrients and be harmful in general.

This includes branches and leaves in poor condition, parts affected by a disease, among others. Now, how should you act after all this has been done? Right here we will tell you.

When is the vine pruned?

The pruning of the vine is carried out during the winter period, while the plant is in vegetative rest.The ideal month is January.

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How is the vine pruned?

The pruning of the vine will be carried out almost in a similar way to any other pruning, seeking to eliminate all the old and damaged material. To summarize in some basic steps, we leave you the following guide:

  1. Select a day when the humidity is controlled. Although winter is recommended, it is important to verify that it is not raining or there are risks of this happening, it is even better to avoid a cloudy day. These humid conditions are more pleasant for the proliferation of viruses, bacteria and fungi.
  2. Define which tools will be used and disinfect them, preferably with alcohol. It is necessary to confirm that they are sharp.
  3. Classify the plants according to the particular conditions of each one, especially in those cases where diseases have occurred so that they are the first plants to be pruned.
  4. Eliminate, first of all, the parts that will no longer fulfill any function within the vine, such as dry branches. Then, make the cuts that are necessary to renew the structures.
  5. Seal the wounds, especially those that have been too exposed or whose surface is very large. Remember that these are areas that are especially vulnerable to attack by organisms that cause diseases.
  6. At the end, it is essential to get rid of all the remains that have remained from the pruning by burning or crushing them to prevent any harmful microorganism from affecting the healthy parts of the vine.

When is sulfur added to the vines?

Sulfur can be applied to the vine at two very specific times: after pruning, as we recommend here, or when a disease occurs.Sulfur is especially useful in cases of powdery mildew or mildew, which are also the most frequent in vineyards.

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How does sulfur act in the vineyard?

Sulfur is a very favorable mineral for vineyards for different reasons. The first of these is that it prevents microorganisms from proliferating. So, in the vineyard, this mineral is responsible for treating the branches and leaves, drying them and expanding their properties to prevent attacks, even from certain insects.

On the other hand, sulfur is also part of the nutrients that the vine appreciates to develop, prosper and generate a good harvest. To add it to the vineyard crops you can use the powder version or the soluble version.

In the first case, it will suffice to sprinkle the product over the entire plant; while the soluble version must be diluted in water. Of course, it is essential to be careful with the amounts of sulfur to apply because, if not controlled, it can be harmful.

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On the other hand, temperature is equally influential in all this matter since it is only capable of acting after the environment reaches 20º C. However, it is not recommended when it goes above 30º C because it is from there the level of toxicity increases.

This toxicity manifests itself in direct damage to the structure of the plant, such as burns on the leaves and even on some branches. Vine crops must be cared for in all their facets so that they are capable of producing crops of excellent quality and quantity.

In all this, pruning is fundamental and much more the treatment that is applied after the work has been advanced. Sulfur is an extremely useful product in the vineyard, so do not lose sight of the fact that its use is essential for healthy crops.

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