What are tomato diseases?

Tomato being such a tasty and versatile ingredient, when making cooking recipes, there are several netizens who have been interested in making their own crops. However, this plant, like many others, is not exempt from diseases, viruses and pests that affect its development.

Planting a tomato plant at home is a fun, simple activity that will bear fruit in a few months. However, like any plant, the tomato plant is also exposed to various diseases, viruses and pests that can threaten its health and growth.

The tomato plant is particularly sensitive to various pathogens, so it is important to know how they can affect it, in order to load your shower with the right products to help you eliminate any evil that has fallen on it.

Now, we will study what are those conditions that you should be aware of if you have a tomato crop, either in a pot or a small garden:

tomato plant diseases

Many of the diseases of tomato plants are caused by fungi, so it is necessary to have a good homemade tomato fungicide on hand in case you encounter any of the following scenarios:


Tomato mildew is caused by a fungus, Phytophthora infestans, which can affect the plant during any stage of its development and appears in the form of spots that you can see mainly on stems and leaves. They are wet, oily in appearance and end up spreading, to end up rotting the tomato plant.

powdery mildew

Oidium in tomato is another common problem and it also has its origin due to the infestation of a fungus called Leveillula taurica. This is shown by generating yellow spots that rot the plant from the center outwards and present a whitish layer when looking at it upside down.


The tomato flower is also attacked by several fungi and among them is the Alternaria solani. Its characteristics are the black spots with yellow rings on the body of the plant. Later, these rot and from the breaks they can directly attack the tomato, causing it to rot as well.

tomato virus

Tomato plants are sensitive to viruses if they manage to enter their capillaries, where they reproduce and, depending on their type, give rise to various diseases that will affect the development and growth of the plant. Next, we will review some of the most common.

Tomato mosaic virus (ToMV)

ToMV is one of the most widespread plant pathogenic viruses, as it is found almost everywhere in the world. It can originate from infected seeds and is one of the most common tomato diseases. It can spread to healthy plants through tools and even hands used to handle a diseased plant.

Tomato wilt virus (TSWV)

This virus, named for its acronym in English, is capable of affecting more than 500 species of plants, including the precious tomato, although you should know that it does not represent a risk for consumption. It is characterized by the appearance of discolored spots on the skin of the red tomato when it ripens.

Tomato Branched Dwarf Virus (TBSV)

Recent studies seem to indicate that this virus infects the tomato plant through wounds in its roots and can cause the leaves and stems to show discoloration and even fall. In addition to this, the new leaves come out crooked and the plant gradually loses its vitality until it dies.

pests of tomato plants

Pests could not be left out, yes, those annoying bugs that are capable of destroying a plant in a matter of days, some even hours. Here we will review which ones are more likely to appear on the tomato plant:


Among the tomato pests is the aphid, a tiny insect that feeds on the plant using special mouthparts, which can pierce the stem to suck out the juices. This causes the plant to dehydrate, so an entire colony can kill a tomato plant in no time.

Red spider

The red tomato spider is known for its presence on this plant and measures just 0.5 millimeters. Its damage is caused due to its diet, which is based on the plant cells of the tomato plant, thus affecting its development in different aspects.

White fly

Tomato cultivation can also be affected by the well-known and feared white fly, a plague capable of proliferating rapidly and that affects the plant more than anything else in hot weather. This insect directly affects the photosynthesis of the tomato plant, hindering its development and reducing the quality of the fruit it will bear.

Tips and recommendations

Taking care of the tomato plant at home is not too difficult, but you must bear in mind that some problems can be difficult to solve, such as in the case of resistant viruses or bugs that refuse to leave.

Some users even comment on forums that pouring 10W40 oil or gasoline near the plant could drive away pests, but this is not recommended due to the risk of handling flammable and toxic materials.

On the other hand, it has been proven that the combination of water and vinegar with a spray has positive effects against fungi and even keeps away various types of bugs and pests. Also, you should not forget that the market offers a wide variety of products among which you can find effective methods to get rid of any virus, pest or disease that has chosen your plant.

Consequently, so that you can fully enjoy your tomato plant, as well as delight yourself with the flavor of its fruit, when harvest time arrives, it is essential that you know what can affect it and how to treat it. In this way, you will know how to protect your plant and ensure proper development.

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