What flowers to give according to their meaning?

It is the eternal question for those who send a bouquet. Knowing which flowers to give at each moment often generates many doubts among those who decide to commemorate a certain special moment with a bouquet of flowers. A logical feeling if we take into account that flowers seek to honor occasions without words that, for whatever reason, are unique.

Not knowing exactly what flowers to give is logical. On the one hand, the range of options offered by the world of florists makes it difficult to choose the most appropriate one. On the other hand, the fact of not knowing the meaning of each variety does not help to know what emotional connotations each type of flower carries. Two compelling reasons to investigate or even seek advice on which are the best choices for each occasion.

So let’s see how to choose flowers for special occasions. A good way to have a little guide, and know how to choose the right ones to commemorate each moment.


When we ask ourselves about which flowers to give, we not only have to focus on the tastes of the person who is going to receive them. It is true that it is essential to take into account the personal tastes of the recipient of our flowers, both in terms of type and colours. And, although it is important to consider it, it is not the only thing that we have to contemplate. As we said, flowers have their own language. One that, despite having been lost over the centuries, was an authentic language at one point in our history. The flowers then served for declarations of love, heartbreak but even to convey political messages.

Although it is a language in disuse, it is never too much to know what exactly they transmit. And not only because we want to fully succeed in those moments that we consider special. Also because there is another scenario that we cannot forget: it never hurts to ask ourselves why give flowers at any time.

1. Rosa, the flower of a thousand meanings

It is, without a doubt, one of the first that comes to mind when we consider what flowers to give. And it is logical. The rose is, without a doubt, the favorite flower for many people. What’s more: it is considered a true icon of love and passion, since the red rose is the most gifted flower on special days such as Valentine’s Day.

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But it is not the only symbolism of this flower. Its incredible color palette makes it easy to transmit other meanings through flowers. If we opt for the white rose, it will symbolize pure and sincere love. If we opt for the yellow rose, our flowers will speak of sincere friendship. If we choose orange roses, they will be our allies to congratulate on a success or achievement achieved. And finally, if we give pink roses like the ones in our Pink Lagoon bouquet, they will be considered a symbol of gratitude.

2. Carnation, one of the most gifted flowers in the world

We could safely say that carnations are one of the most popular flowers in the world. Not only do they top the list of what flowers to give, but they are also a reference flower for the different cultures that populate our planet since Ancient Greece.

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As with the rest of the flowers, the carnation has different symbols depending on its color. Red implies love and more thanks to the royal history that you can discover in our Red Love bouquet. Pink carnations are reserved for mothers, since their symbolism is precisely maternal love. White, like many other flowers, represents purity.

3. Lilyum, the flower of elegance

If something characterizes the lilyum, it is that it is a majestic, feminine and extremely beautiful flower. The fascination with it goes back to nothing less than Egypt itself. A time when it was already considered the flower of the pharaohs.

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Contemplating the lilyum among our list of what flowers to give is always a great option. Choosing them implies wishing for a happy and full life, although the specific symbolism of each color must also be considered. White lilyum implies innocence, making it a perfect color to gift a new mother. Along the same lines, pink lilyums like the ones in the Ballet Dancer bouquet are associated with tenderness and kindness. If we want to give energy, our best option will be the orange lilyum. And for those who want to transmit happiness, nothing like the yellow lilyum.

4. Daisies, another essential on the list of what flowers to give

We leave for the end some flowers as simple as they are wonderful. Perhaps it is because of their wild air, because of their humble elegance or because they reinforce that “less is more” maxim: it is impossible to say where the magic of these flowers lies. But in addition to this, there is another aspect to consider: the daisy symbolizes joy and pure feelings.

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Let’s understand more deeply the symbology of two of the most gifted colors. White daisies are synonymous with innocence. The yellow ones, like the ones in our April bouquet, symbolize fidelity and loyalty.

Has our guide on what flowers to give helped you? If you still have any questions, do not hesitate to visit our search engine for special occasions.

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