What trees grow fast?

Trees not only help fight pollution, they are also important in protecting the garden from wind, sun and rain. However, some take a long time to reach the correct size to provide the expected benefits, hence the importance of planting fast-growing trees, so it is worth knowing some of the best species.

The design of the garden is one of the most exciting steps, since we can let our creativity and imagination flow, however, it is also necessary to think coldly about the sustainability of the green areas of the house. In this sense, the types of trees we choose will be decisive, but also the quantity and size, as well as the climate of the area where we live. In addition, it is of great importance to define if hedges of fast-growing perennial shrubs are necessary or if we want a large isolated leafy tree.

There are many types of trees in Spain, but among the most recommended are the ash, the willow and the poplar, as they are very tall, produce enough shade and are capable of protecting the garden from the weather. For its part, the oleander, the black rockrose and the myrtle are some of the native shrubs that remain green all year round and offer very attractive flowers, which is why they are useful in the creation of hedges.

However, in order to avoid problems, it is necessary to plant the tree correctly, so we will need some tools, such as a scraper, bucket, rake and gloves. Some shovels (here you can find some options to choose from) allow us to do the job easily and quickly, as long as we use them correctly. In addition, if it is a question of large tree species, the space that they will occupy when they grow must be taken into account.

Another important point is that we must thoroughly investigate the needs of each species, since some shade trees must be fertilized, while others require regular pruning. Likewise, it is necessary to define the amount of water necessary for optimal development, without neglecting possible pests or diseases that may affect them and how to avoid them.

We can say that garden trees offer many benefits in the home and family, since they control the temperature around the house, improve oxygen production and prevent air pollution. This is why we have selected 5 fast-growing shade trees to analyze their characteristics.

1. Acer negundo

Among fast-growing trees, the Acer negundo is one of the most used to decorate urban environments, not only on walkways and avenues, but also in home gardens. Although it is quite common in mainland Spain, it is actually native to the American Atlantic fringe, since it can develop adequately in a continental, Mediterranean, Atlantic and mountainous climate.

It is very useful for creating shade, thanks to the fact that it can measure between 12 and 15 meters high by approximately 3 meters wide. One of the advantages of this species is that it resists the winter season, making it one of the most common fast-growing evergreen trees. However, keep in mind that you need a loamy, moist, fertile sandy soil with good drainage.

For a longer life, it is important to consider that the Acer negundo must be permanently exposed to the sun, with a moderate amount of water and it is important to pay twice a year; once in spring and another two months later. It is estimated that this species can last between 30 and 100 years approximately, but it is necessary to avoid pruning and remove only damaged branches and withered foliage.

2. Paulownia tomentosa (kiri)

One of the fast-growing trees that is very useful for providing shade is the kiri. The specific name is Paulownia tomentosa, from the Paulowniaceae family which is of Chinese origin. It is a large tree that can measure 20 meters wide and 27 meters high approximately, in addition, it is one of the most leafy, so it is good for purifying the air. However, in some parts of Spain it is considered an invasive species, so strict population control is necessary.

This tree can give a landscape a tropical look, as it has profuse pinkish-lilac blooms and large green leaves, yet it is able to withstand temperatures as low as -5°C. On the other hand, it is important to plant it in properly drained and fertile soils.

3. Taxodium distichum (Bag Cypress)

Better known as the bald cypress, the Taxodium distichum is a tree of North American origin belonging to the Taxodiaceae family, which grows quickly in marshy or moist soils with organic matter. In this sense, it can be in the shade and in the sun, as long as it is a sheltered space.

As for its appearance, it has an attractive pyramidal shape with small leaves of about 2 centimeters. At the end of autumn it changes from medium green to reddish, so that it is considered an ornamental tree. On the other hand, it has aerial roots to better absorb oxygen, so it is a good idea to plant it in a pond.

4. Alnus glutinosa (black alder)

The black alder is one of the indigenous trees of Europe, which usually grows in fertile soils located in sunny and cool areas. One of the advantages of the Alnus glutinosa species is that it grows very fast and adapts better than others to climates laden with humidity. In addition, it is a medium-sized tree, with a diameter of 70 cm and an approximate height of 22 meters.

5. Metasequoia glyptostroboides (Sequoia)

This tree grows an average of 60 cm per year, so it reaches its approximate height of 15 m very quickly. Despite having an Asian origin, it can live in dry and humid environments in full sun, so it can grow perfectly in many places in Spain. However, this species does not resist frost and has deciduous leaves, which turn reddish in autumn, so it is used to embellish landscapes.

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