Worx WR141E Reviews

Main advantage:

This model has a range of up to 500 square meters, so you will have no problem keeping large areas of lawn well cut according to your preferences.

Main disadvantage:

Despite its hefty price, there are many features that are included as an option, requiring you to purchase some accessories to use them. Among them, we have the anti-collision system or voice control, to name a few.

Verdict: 9.8/10

A practical battery-powered robotic lawnmower capable of keeping the green carpet in your garden in perfect condition, without you having to worry about anything other than configuring it according to your preferences.

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Main Features Explained

cutting system

The first thing we should know about this model, a candidate for being the best current lawn mower, is how its cutting system works. This includes a width of 18 centimeters, so it works properly on the ground and achieves an efficient cut. This even reaches the garden border area, provided that the perimeter wire has been installed correctly.

This mowing is adjustable in height in four levels, from 3 to 6 centimeters. The adjustment is made by means of a selector integrated in the machine. Regarding the evacuation of remains, these remain on the garden, duly pulverized to serve as fertilizer for the remaining lawn. All this in an automated process that generates homogeneous results, thanks to the good quality of the cutting and orientation system of this lawnmower.

Control system

Maintaining control of the cutting process is also not a problem with this equipment. The primary control is carried out by means of the usual perimeter wire system, of which no less than 150 meters are included. This allows you to comfortably cover the area to be cut, even if it has a complex design. Something necessary to cover those spaces of up to 500 square meters in which the team can work.

Additionally, you also have the help of its app and its WiFi connectivity, which arouse good opinions among users. This connection serves as a communication channel for the device and is used to program the cut-off time or choose other parameters for it. It also serves to control the operation of the equipment and receive reports regarding the cut made.

equipment power supply

As with all mowers of this type, this Worx model is powered by a rechargeable battery. This works at 20 volts, so it generates a good sliding of the cutting element and improves the final results. In addition, this battery is removable and interchangeable, being compatible with those used by the rest of the brand’s power tools.

Regarding its autonomy, the total load is 2 amps, which is enough to work for about 90 minutes. However, the charging base is also included with the product, to facilitate the equipment recovery process.

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