Zamioculca care, the off-road plant

It has been, for a few years, one of those essential plants in any home. Something that does not only respond to its incredible green beauty or its connection with currents such as feng shui. Beyond this, zamioculca care is extremely simple and makes it even easier to enjoy our indoor plants. The reason is simple: we are talking about one of the most resistant plants that exist. This is a detail to consider, especially if we are starting out in the world of gardening and are looking for plants that are easy to care for if we have little time for them.

Despite being a plant of African origin and accustomed to tropical climates, the truth is that the zamioculca has been able to adapt without too much inconvenience to our latitudes. It is true that, when grown in a pot, it will never reach the meter in height that it can have in its natural state, but if we strictly follow the care of the zamioculca, we will be able to enjoy a highly decorative plant of up to 70 centimeters. Of course, be patient: it is a slow-growing plant.

Apart from these peculiarities, there is another extremely important aspect that we must know before fully entering into the care of the zamioculca. It is a toxic plant, so it is not recommended in homes where there are children or pets.


The greatest peculiarity of the zamioculca lies in the arrangement of its stems and leaves. Of disorderly growth, its leaves are characterized by having a dark and intense green color with a very unique shine. It is such that, unlike other succulents and green plants, it does not need any kind of polish. It is enough to pass a damp cloth to remove the dust, and thus favor photosynthesis.

Also, it is interesting to know that both leaves and stems are not fleshy by chance. They act as water reservoirs. Something that gives us an important clue about its irrigation needs but also about another very interesting aspect: it is one of the drought-resistant plants par excellence.

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Bearing all this in mind, let’s see in detail the care of the zamioculca, starting from the basis that it is not a demanding plant. A great virtue if we are forgetful gardeners or spend little time at home.

1. Light, one of the most versatile care for zamioculca

They don’t call it an off-roader by chance. It can live in a space poor in sunlight. What’s more: it is capable of replacing it with artificial light to carry out its plant functions. However, let’s not fool ourselves. Nothing like being in a very bright space to see it grow briskly. It depends on sunlight that the zamioculca has the characteristic dark green of its leaves. Of course: it can never receive direct sun.

2. Little demanding with the soil but with the transplant

Zamioculca does not require a specific soil. Although it is common to grow it in a universal substrate, it can also be grown with a substrate for green plants. In any of the two cases, it will prosper without problem. What is essential: that it has good drainage.

Undemanding to the soil, zamioculca grows perfectly with a universal substrate. Discover the characteristics of ours

Where we will have to be extremely careful is with regard to transplantation. If we have it in the correct location, the zamioculca will create a bulky root system. And, since they are woody, it is common for them to quickly fill the pot. For this reason, the ideal is that we transplant it every two years to a larger pot. Thanks to this, we will ensure that the plant continues its development.

Important: relegate this task to the spring.

3. A warm temperature

Due to its African origins, the zamioculca is a lover of warm environments. So much so that we won’t have to fear for his life in the summer months. It lives perfectly with temperatures above, even, 30 degrees. We cannot say the same when it comes to cold. It is very cold and, below 15 degrees, your well-being can be compromised.

We can never expose it to temperatures below 5 degrees.

4. Irrigation, one of the cares of the zamioculca to know closely

It is a succulent plant, so we must consider that a good part of the care of the zamioculca is that of this type of plant. As we said, it lives better subjected to drought than to excess water. So, if we don’t want to be upset, the risks should be moderate. The ideal: let the substrate dry between irrigation and irrigation.

Be careful not to overdo it with water because it can compromise the health of the zamioculca. It does not tolerate waterlogging and, if it is exposed to them, it will let us know by changing the color of its leaves. They will turn yellow.

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It is also recommended that, in the spring months, we add a dose of liquid fertilizer for green plants. A monthly dose will suffice to help it grow, even if we have it in a space with little light.

We also don’t have to worry if we live in a dry climate. The zamioculca does not demand that we spray water on its leaves.

5. Pest attacks, practically non-existent

If we take care of the health of our zamioculca, it is highly unlikely that it will suffer from any plague. The only one that can appear, if the plant is not strong, is the cottony mealybug. A dangerous visitor that should be tackled as soon as we detect it, with a specific insecticide.


To abide by this Eastern philosophy, we can choose many plants. However, the connection of the zamioculca to feng shui makes it one of the star plants.

Let’s start by understanding the weight that plants have in energy spaces of this type. Or, put another way, what is its function? As nature that they are, plants symbolize life and abundance. But that is not the only reason why they are important. They are also so because they are associated with wood. One of the fundamental elements of energy and that balances the so-called «chi» of the environment. The presence of wood in a space implies good health, family energy and a motor for creativity. And it is precisely in this aspect that the first identification of the zamioculca with feng shui lies. Its unique and thick trunks, which are born in pairs and in a misplaced way, would be that necessary presence of wood.

Beyond this, there are more reasons to identify the zamioculca with feng shui. Another fundamental aspect for this philosophy is the placement of the plants. Something that should not be done lightly, since their location depends on their fulfilling their energetic function. For feng shui, the plants in our home should be located in the East and Northeast of our house. An orientation marked by a dimmer and less intense light. And there, again, the zamioculca gives reasons for feng shuito have the weight that it has. We are talking about a plant that, despite its African origins, is not very demanding with light. It is true that she is a great lover of light. But, despite this, it can live in spaces that lack it.

Healthy plants, plants with positive energy in feng shui

And let’s go to the last reason why zamioculca and feng shui go hand in hand. Another key aspect for this philosophy is that the plants we have, better few than many, are in perfect condition. Your health is key to that positive energy that plants are supposed to have. And not doing it, having plants in poor condition, can reverse its effect. Far from positive, they can generate harmful energy. Well, if the zamioculca has something, it is that it is so undemanding in its care that it is frankly difficult for it to spoil.

And now that you know its attractions, do you dare to have the zamioculca for feng shui or for pleasure?

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