Why does Aloe Vera itch on the skin?

The use of Aloe Vera for health and beauty is more and more widespread and it is true that a large number of people have found relief and help from their problems, however, unfortunately there are many other people who suffer from allergic reactions to Aloe Vera or Aloe.

During the last year I have received many messages asking Why does Aloe Vera itch on the skin? Why does Aloe Vera sting on the face? Fortunately, the answer to why Aloe Vera itches and if it is normal for Aloe Vera to sting is very simple:

  1.  You are allergic to Aloe Vera or Aloe Vera
  2.  You have not cleaned the gel properly before applying it

Don’t think twice about it, there are no more reasons than the ones I just listed for you. Aloe Vera is not toxic, at least not all its parts, although Aloe Vera is a natural and organic product, it does not mean that it is harmless for everyone.

If you’ve ever wondered … I put aloe vera on my face and it itches , keep reading that I bring you all the details in this article.

My face itches and burns with Aloe Vera

Laura M. asked:

I was wearing an eyeshadow that made my lids dry and irritated . As my skin is sensitive I tried to avoid any fragranced moisturizer, concluding that they all contained more or less perfume .

So I decided to go natural and tried some aloe vera gel to treat my eyelids . Big mistake! I got a rash that turned very red and caused an incredible itch in my eyes. Am I allergic to Aloe Vera?

My answer:

I’m going to be very direct and clear, the mistake you made was not using Aloe Vera on your skin, the mistake was NOT doing a «patch test» , that is, applying a little Aloe Vera Gel to an area of ​​the skin not so sensitive (the forearm is a perfect place to be even, relatively sensitive and hairless). I recommend before applying Aloe Vera or any other «thing» on the skin, is to try it before to see if it causes any type of allergic reaction.

When I say that you have to do a patch test, you also have to do it when ingested. If you want to take Aloe Vera or Aloe Vera, you should take a small amount and wait to see how your body behaves.

On the other hand, I assume that you cleaned the gel well and left no traces of aloin, which can sting anyone.

Is it normal for Aloe Vera to sting?

To be honest, it is not normal for our skin to itch when applying Aloe Vera. The vast majority of people are not allergic to this wonderful plant, which has been used for centuries.

Precisely the one that has come from the times of the Egyptian pharaohs to the present day reinforces the theory that it is NOT a plant that causes itching in most people . Otherwise, hardly anyone could use it and therefore it would never have been so famous today.

I can’t imagine Nefertiti or Cleopatra stepping out of an Aloe bath with red, irritated and itchy skin. So why do people get itchy when applying Aloe Vera to their skin? What makes aloe vera itchy when applied to the face ?:

Wrong Aloe Vera gel cleaning

When someone tells me that they are allergic to Aloe Vera, I usually ask: Are you allergic to more things? followed by the most important question: How do you clean the Aloe Vera gel? The vast majority of the time those who are not allergic to other plants tend to clean the gel poorly (or simply do not clean it) and people who are really allergic to other herbs, in the vast majority of cases if they cleaned it well .

The importance of cleaning the Aloe Vera Gel well lies in the need to remove the latex from the leaves . This latex or Aloin is a yellowish substance that the plant uses as a defense against animals that try to eat it and that turns out to be irritating when in contact with the skin and a strong laxative when ingested.

To clean the Aloe Vera leaf well, I leave you this video (Don’t forget to subscribe):

The truth is that I have seen so many videos on YouTube of people recommending applying the sheet directly to the skin that sometimes I am very surprised.

Natural reaction to Aloe Vera – Allergy

For many people it is a great annoyance not being able to use the wonders of Aloe Vera on their skin due to being allergic but it is not necessary to make a drama of it . There are many other natural products that will also help our skin and to which we will not be allergic.

I have not yet seen specific videos or articles talking about how bad it is to have cats at home because someone is allergic to the fur of these felines, however, I have seen that those who are allergic to Aloe Vera insist on creating a bad name about the miracle plant. I imagine that in most cases it is out of bad faith, envy or boredom.

I always recommend that my friends and family use Aloe Vera daily but at the same time, I always urge them to take a test before introducing it into their diet or beauty regimen.

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