Types of Billbergia species

As we mentioned, it corresponds to a genus of plants that is within the Bromeliaceae family and within them there is a good number of plants, which reaches approximately fifty, which is composed mostly of epiphytic species, although there are also some specimens that are ground plants.


Its leaves have a great intensity in the green color similar to that of its stem and present a great robustness and an elongated shape, which at the same time have small but powerful spines around them.

These have a composition that gives rise to a cup in the center, which serves the plant as a source of water, since all the rainwater is collected in it. That is why, in areas where it is found in the wild, a large number of fauna specimens tend to come to use water.

Its flowers are very particular and can present a very varied range of colors and of great ornamental richness. Depending on the type of plant of this genus to which we are referring, this in its flowers will have a different composition of colors, but always very vivid.

The inflorescences are in the form of clusters, from which these flowers hang, giving them a particular color and brightness.

Billbergia main species

We could mention all the species that exist of this genus, but it would be too boring, so we look for the main and most used ones:

Billbergia Mutans

In Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina, that is, in the eastern part of the Southern Cone, you will find this specimen in large quantities, which is evergreen and usually reaches a dimension that does not exceed 50 centimeters in height.

Its characteristics have a lot to do with all types of plants of this genus, showing half a meter long, showing thorns on its margins and its tips bent on the outside, which form the crown in the center.

Its flowers usually have a pink color and those that are inwards show an important variety of colors, among which yellow and reddish appear.

Billbergia Pyramidalis

This is one of the smallest, since from its stem to the end they usually do not reach 40 centimeters in length. Its leaves are long and with a wide, laminated appearance that can be up to two centimeters wide.

The flower is of extraordinary ornamental beauty, with bracts of a red similar to that of cherries, which will later allow new flowers that can be between purple and carmine. One of the most used ornamentally.

Billbergia Zebrina

This is the largest, and its flowers appear in clusters that can reach 90 centimeters high. These leaves can show an important red color and have white scales on which they show thorns. It has flowers between orange and green.

Billbergia saundersii

Another of those used ornamentally in the Billbergia family, it is characterized by having leaves that show tip and a color in green tones with a special shine.

These leaves also show some margins that appear in deep red color and some yellowish tones. Its flowers are spectacular and like the others, they are presented in inflorescences of clusters. Among its colors you can distinguish a yellow at its base, purple in the center and lighter at the tips.

You’ve already met the entire Billbergia family. A genre that you must take into account to have some specimens in your garden because of the color they provide.

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