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Herbal teas L’Angelica

Nothing better than a nice cup of chamomile tea to rediscover a sense of peace and tranquility. The Angelica Herbal Institute is well aware of this and proposes Chamomile mixed with other medicinal herbs, thus creating the functional herbal tea Della Sera. An herbal tea composed of Melissa, Lime, Lemon, Verbena Odorosa, Sweet Clover and Chamomile excellent to be enjoyed at any time, also suitable for the elderly and children. The Relaxing herbal tea, also containing Chamomile, is aimed more at calming the psycho-physical state thanks to the help of herbs such as Lemon Balm, Lavender and Passionflower, preserving the beneficial properties it can also be consumed cold. For those who do not like blends of aromas, Angelica has thought of the classic relaxing herbal tea with Valerian flavor. L’

Angelica purifying herbal teas

With her thirty-year research, Angelica has created a series of herbal teas aimed at purifying and regulating the body. The herb that best lends itself to this function is Fennel which we find alone in the Fennel herbal tea, proposed in the classic version in filters and in the more modern soluble version, or mixed with other herbs giving life to herbal teas such as the Depurative (Fennel , Licorice, Rhubarb, Milk Thistle, Elderberry and Mint), which can be tasted both hot and cold and can also be purchased in a soluble solution. The Giusta Regola herbal tea (Mallow, Licorice and Rhubarb) to regularize the intestine and for those who experience a feeling of swollen legs a Draining herbal tea containing Ortosiphon, Horsetail and Birch. The Angelica Herbal Institute has created, again with the help of Fennel, two herbal teas aimed at eliminating abdominal tension and swelling (flat stomach herbal tea) and to help the stomach in digestive processes (after meal herbal tea). For those who practice a low-calorie diet with regular physical activity, Angelica offers the Linea herbal tea, also soluble version, consisting of Fennel, Matè, Cherry and Rose.

Angelica wellness herbal teas

With the changes of season it happens to feel a little exhausted, in a bad mood and maybe even cold. Angelica has also thought of this by creating the Buonumore herbal tea consisting of Cinnamon, Hypericum and Anise, recommended to be consumed in the morning to start off with energy. If what afflicts the body are colds or seasonal influences thanks to Eucalyptus, Mint and Licorice, the Balsamic herbal tea that envelops the respiratory tract is excellent, giving a sense of well-being to the nose and throat, also suitable for the elderly and children. . The Leg Relief herbal tea (Butcher’s Broom, Mint and Birch) comes from the need for lightness that many people feel in the evening when they find themselves with tired, heavy and swollen legs. On the other hand, for those prone to frequent heartburn, the Stomach Relief herbal tea (Chamomile and Licorice) is the right answer. The Institute also offers Green Tea herbal tea indicated for the fight against free radicals thanks to the antioxidant properties of the young green tea leaves.

Angelica herbal tea: Hello Kitty herbal tea collection and Angelica cold herbal tea

L’Angelica offers a line of herbal teas aimed at younger generations, distinguished from other herbal teas thanks to the presence of Hello Kitty on the package. There are four herbal teas in the collection: the Buon Umore herbal tea (Melissa, Lavender, Rosa Canina, Sage and Damiana) with strawberry cream flavor; the Pausa Studio herbal tea with lemon and cinnamon flavor born from the combination of Apple, Cinnamon, Centella and Melissa. For the sense of exhaustion and swelling of those days, the Dolce Ciclo herbal tea (Melissa, Fennel, Ginger and Hibiscus) with wild berries flavor was designed, in addition there is also the Good Night vanilla flavored herbal tea composed of Melissa, Chamomile, Passionflower, Apple and Rose. Finally, for the summer days, Angelica has studied three herbal teas that can be drunk and prepared without using hot water. The Anticell Draining Herbal Tea (Melito, Matè and Ciliegio) with grapefruit and pineapple flavor, with Guarana, Eleutherococcus and Black Tea, instead, the Thirsting Tonic herbal tea with mint and vanilla flavor is available. The last herbal tea of ​​the Cold herbal tea line is the Deflating Digestive one with Chamomile, Ginger and Gentian with lemon and strawberry aroma.

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