Cherry variety

Cherries: many varieties with unbeatable properties

Among the most loved summer fruits and able to satisfy even the most sophisticated palates, sweet cherries are the fruit of the Prunus Avium plant (in fact, the cherry tree) belonging to the Rosaceae family and native to Europe and some areas of Asia minor. Together with Prunus Cerasus (tree from which sour cherries and morello cherries are born, i.e. more acidic fruits and typically used to produce liqueurs such as cherry brandy or maraschino), Prunus Avium is one of the wild cherry trees at the origin of the countless varieties of cherries currently grown. Rich in vitamins A and C and in mineral salts such as calcium, iron and potassium, cherries are particularly effective in counteracting hypertension, promoting diuresis and the regular course of intestinal activities.

Varieties of cherries that ripen in May

The different varieties of cherry trees grown in our country are generally distinguished by the color of the fruit (shades of red or orange more or less intense), by the consistency and juiciness of its pulp but above all by the period in which the process of maturation and harvesting takes place. Among the cherry variants already available at the end of May, the Bigarreaux cherry has an intense red color tending to black and an equally red pulp with a medium-strong consistency. The Bella Italia variant is mainly grown in Trentino and is characterized by a tender pulp and a rather bright red color. The Ferrovia version cherry also comes from Puglia and has a soft pulp and a rather pale red color.

The cherries that ripen in June: the corns

Later and ready to be harvested only in June, there are many other variants of cherries such as the famous corns, a category that includes very different types of fruits, once again for the color and texture of the skin and pulp. Among these, the Durone Nero di Vignola is the most frequently eaten variant at the table, it is characterized by particularly large fruits, a new blackish-red color and a particularly crunchy pulp. Durone dell’Anella, also called Anellone, originates from the Bolognese hills and has a bright red color both in the skin and in the pulp and an exceptionally sweet flavor. Finally, Durone della Marca has a yellowish-red skin and a rather sweet white pulp and is very often used for the production of jams,

Cherry Varieties: Other Cherry Varieties

There are still many other varieties of cherries that ripen in the month of June and in some cases in the first week of July. Among these, black cherries, sour cherries and morello cherries are fruits generally characterized by a red-black color, a firm pulp but above all a particularly acidulous flavor. And although black cherries are the slightly sweeter ones and therefore more suitable to be eaten fresh, this fruit is usually used for making liqueurs or preserving in alcohol. The cherry of the Monte comes from Campania, traditionally produced in the area around Vesuvius and characterized by a pink-yellow skin color on one side and a rather dark red on the other. Its pulp is yellowish and has a rather crunchy texture.

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