Dry extract titrated

Dry titrated extracts

Dry extracts are among the most important resources in the phytotherapeutic field, because they are able to cure the most diverse symptoms and disorders without being aggressive for the body and therefore with very low risks of side effects. Dry extracts are particularly widespread in herbal medicine and phytotherapy because they allow to preserve, unlike many other products and processing systems, the phytocomplex of the plant in its entirety, or the set of active elements that characterize the type of action that the plant itself can play on the organism that takes it. Consequently, the titrated dry extract will not have a single function, but the utility will vary on the basis of the specific characteristics of the single plant from which the titrated dry extract is made. The titrated dry extracts are brought to the prescribed title through the use of appropriate inert substances, usually lactose, sucrose or dried starch: the final product of the processing will contain as much as 95% of mass, thus guaranteeing the fullest integrity of the characteristics of the plant from the which extraction is performed. To be dried are usually the parts richest in active elements, therefore the younger ones and the aerial ones.


The preparation of the titrated dry extracts takes place at an industrial level and the finished product is made available to customers. Realizable starting from any plant, the titrated dry extract differs from normal powder drugs based on vegetable raw materials in that it does not require the use of solvents and therefore does not contain any trace of alcohol. Its consumption can therefore be carried out by all those who have the need, without particular age restrictions. The dry extracts marketed are characterized by precise percentages of drugs and active ingredients: in this way, the intake can be medically regulated and does not involve particular difficulties with regard to dosage and controlled intake. The inert substances used to carry out the extraction can also be replaced by another dry extract obtained from the same plant drug undergoing processing. At the end of it, there will be no alcohol in the product while the phytocomplex will guarantee maximum integrity and effectiveness, based on the specific characteristics of the starting plant.


The titrated dry extracts can boast a high efficacy and the satisfaction of the needs of those who use them precisely due to the high possibility of control of the composition that this processing process is able to guarantee: titration is a procedure that allows to control with considerable precision in the quantity and percentage of a certain active ingredient in the preparation: this allows it to be particularly effective and targeted for the type of disorder to be treated, as well as to have the specific characteristics of the product under constant control and thus manage it better dosages and frequency of intake. Percentages and quantities must meet the parameters established by the Pharmacopoeia, which establishes the minimum quantities of active ingredients that such a product must contain to be placed on the market under specific definition. The advantages related to the intake of the titrated preparations are variable depending on the starting plant, and therefore on the active ingredients contained in it. In general, as for any dry extract, the main advantage is to have a natural product available and therefore of low aggressiveness, which instead guarantees efficiency with reduced side effects compared to medicines of complex chemical origin.

Dry extract titrated: Commercial products

Since the processing steps are strictly regulated and that for the use and sale of the titrated dry extracts it is necessary to respect precise fees related to the quantities and percentages of active ingredients, the dry extracts are products that must be purchased and which must bear adequate certification. Being in powder form, the titrated dry extracts can be purchased more frequently in the form of pills containing the product, to be taken for a limited period of time and under medical supervision, in order not to run the risk of exceeding the dosages. The purposes and uses can be really varied: they range from supplements, for example to improve the vitamin or mineral intake, up to products that act as anti-asthmatics and remedies against the various forms of ailments that can affect the respiratory tract. The titrated dry extract is one of the most precious tools to exploit what is present in nature in favor of human care and well-being, able to respond to an extremely wide variety of needs thanks to the variety of beneficial effects offered by individual plants. .

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