Fertilizer 20 10 10


Plants need water and nourishment to survive and develop. They find their nourishment in the soil in which they are grown but, often, it happens that the soil does not have all the elements they need available. In this case, we proceed by administering quantities of fertilizers to the soil and plants. Fertilizers are extremely important cultivation practices for the life and health of our plants. On the market there are various types of fertilizers that differ in consistency and production processing. Furthermore, a further distinction must be made: there are simple fertilizers and complex fertilizers. Simple fertilizers are those that contain only one element, complex ones contain more than one. In turn they take the names of «binaries» and «ternaries»,

Fertilizer 20 10 10

One of the best known ternary fertilizers is the 20 10 10 fertilizer, which is a fertilizer that contains the three macro elements: Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium. These three nutrients are the most important substances for plant nutrition and development. The fertilizers 20 10 10 consist of 20% Nitrogen, 10% Phosphorus and 10% Potassium. This type of fertilizer contains a high percentage of nitrogen and this element is present in ammonia or nitric form. By virtue of the form of nitrogen we can say that it dissolves quickly and therefore, to avoid this, the new fertilizers 20 10 10, through substances, are made in such a way as to have a slower release. Nitrogen release times can also be altered by mixing organic compounds with chemical fertilizer.


This type of fertilizer can be used for various types of plants, whether they are ornamental, flowering or fruit plants. It can be used to nourish the turf, in which case it is recommended to administer it in the vegetative growth phase and in liquid form. If we are using it for flowering plants, it would be better not to administer it during the flowering phase. In this phase less nitrogen is needed but more phosphorus and potassium. It must be said, however, that fertilizers 20 10 10 are not always suitable for flowering plants, it is preferable to use fertilizers that contain the same percentage of the three macro elements. Fertilizers 20 10 10 can also be enriched with micro elements such as iron, manganese and boron. It is also a type of fertilizer that is also formulated in micro granules.

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