Hibiscus moschetos

The plant species of Hibiscus moscheutos

Hibiscus moscheutos, also known as marsh hibiscus, is a species of perennial shrub-like plant belonging to the Malvaceae family. Originally from the Asian and American continent, it is characterized, in the different varieties, by the production of large colored flowers. The specimens of Hibiscus moscheutos love constantly humid soils but must never be completely submerged. The stem is woody and the leaves are oval or lanceolate, glossy green. The flowering period lasts throughout the summer season, with the production of simple, mottled and variegated inflorescences in many different color tones. Hibiscus moscheutos plants are widely used for ornamental cultivation and several hybrid varieties and cultivars can be found.

Hibiscus moscheutos plants are characterized by their adaptability to various environmental contexts and by the simplicity of cultivation. In fact, they live well in different terrains but it is preferable that they are very humid, with a neutral pH and never totally submerged. They grow well in pots and in the ground, the exposure can be both sunny and partial shade. They are plants resistant to the winter seasons but fear temperatures below freezing. In order not to compromise the roots, a thick mulch is advisable in winter. Irrigation must be very abundant, especially during the summer season. In fact, Hibiscus moscheutos does not tolerate lack of water and tends to perish easily if it undergoes drought periods.

Propagation and pruning of Hibiscus moscheutos plants

The cutting technique can be used to multiply the specimens of Hibiscus moscheutos. The lateral tops without inflorescences, about ten centimeters long, are removed, it is advisable to treat them with rooting powder and must be planted in containers filled with peaty soil and sand. To avoid the onset of molds it is not necessary to cover the pots and the cuttings must be placed in a mild place with a temperature not lower than twenty degrees. With the emission of new leaf buds, the rooting has taken place and it is possible to plant the plants obtained. Pruning becomes a necessary intervention only in Hibiscus moscheutos plants that are over five years old, for young specimens a periodic topping ensures the greatest production of the characteristic colored inflorescences.

Hibiscus moschetos: The different varieties of the Hibiscus moscheutos species

The Hibiscus moscheutos plant species includes several hybrid selections and cultivars, created to obtain increasingly showy and colorful inflorescences. Such as the variety called Hibiscus moscheutos Saxon which is characterized by the production of deep and dark red flowers. Or the selection called Hibiscus moscheutos Disco Belle White, is characterized by the white color of the petals and the inflorescences are large compared to all the other varieties of the species. Cream colored and yellow buds for the flowers of the Hibiscus moscheutos Old Yella while the shades of pink, red and white distinguish the Hibiscus moscheutos Southern Belle. Cold resistant plants and lightly scented purple flowers for the selection called Hibiscus moscheutos Splash Pinot Noir.

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