Lisianthus meaning

The meaning of flowers: the lisianthus

Each flower has its own specific meaning, it responds to a specific alphabet. An ancient adage says that whoever gives flowers is never wrong but to this sentence it must be added that whoever gives flowers must know their meaning. Everyone knows that the red rose means «love» but what should we expect if we have received a bouquet of lisianthus as a gift?

The characteristic shape with the very elongated stem and the lightness of the petals suggest the language of this delicate flower.

Its huge variety of colors and availability practically all year round, seem to want to communicate maximum freedom. The alarm bells lead back to the true meaning of the lisianthus: fly with me. A phrase that is both an invitation to the lightness of the pindaric flight of the feelings of love, and an invitation to take flight, to let yourself go, to throw yourself into new adventures. For these reasons, the lisianthus flower is indicated as a floral gift at the beginning of a new love relationship, both as a gift on the occasion of degrees, diplomas or the beginning of a working career. Whenever a new beginning lies ahead, give the lisianthus as a gift.

Lisianthus is a delicate flower that invites us to fly, in a broad sense, to let go and enjoy life at full lungs with positivity and joy, without guilt. This meaning is clearly linked to the elegance and grace that distinguish and enhance it. Features that determine its great commercial success and that make it perfect for composing floral ornaments for a wedding or engagement party. Especially since the lisianthus exists in a wide range of colors which makes it combinable with countless other types of flowers. For this reason, in recent years the success of lisianthus has grown exponentially, entering the list of great floral classics for ceremonies. Discreet, elegant, minimal,

Where to find lisianthus

The grace and elegance of the lisianthus flower are inimitable, as is its adaptability to the variegated floral compositions typical of ceremonies, the question that arises spontaneously is the following: «where can you buy it?» and immediately afterwards the question goes to another level: «how much does it cost?»

The habit of paying dearly for beautiful things has made us wary of offers but in this case we must relax and face reality. The lisianthus flower combines all its qualities with an affordable price. Of course it depends on the nursery and the region but in principle it starts from thirty-five cents per stem up to a maximum of sixty. This is also due to its resistance and adaptability, given that, despite being native to Central America, they have made it easily cultivable and excellent yield also in Italy and Europe. It is essential to go to a specialized nursery and get help from a professional in the purchase.

Combine lisianthus with other wedding flowers

As we have seen, the lisianthus flower can be easily inserted in a floral composition, even if it is complex, thanks to the variety of its colors. For creations suitable for church ornaments on the occasion of a wedding, the natural combination is with the white rose. In this case, there is also a union of intentions in the meaning of the two flowers as the white rose symbolizes purity and candor of mind and the lisianthus wishes the spouses a happy life together.

Same thing goes for the lily. Also for marriage, you can combine the white lisianthus with the red rose to strengthen the union suggested by the first with the ardor of love. A good idea is to mix lisianthus in multiple colors, such as white and orange or white and purple. In this way, the poetry of the original message will be maintained: fly with me.

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