Ibiscus meaning

Ibiscus meaning

The hibiscus has a very variable meaning, in relation to the culture that interprets it. If in Europe it is considered, in fact, the symbol of a fragile and delicate beauty that must be preserved from the ugliness of the outside world, in the Americas it is instead associated with the concept of fertility and devotion and for this reason it is given to brides on the occasion of the wedding. Since 1923 the hibiscus flower has been the official symbol of the state of Hawaii where it is considered a symbol of good luck and therefore woven into colored garlands and given to guests who land on the islands. Hawaiian women always wear one pinned behind their ear: to the left one if they are single and looking for a husband, to the right one if they are busy. According to this tradition, the

The meaning of hibiscus in the East

Even in the East, the hibiscus flower is known and appreciated for its beauty and, also in this case, takes on a different symbolism based on the nation in which it is found.For example, in China the tree and the flower represent two concepts different. The first embodies fame and wealth and for this reason it is donated on the occasion of the completion of the course of study or for a promotion to work; the second, on the other hand, for its extremely delicate aspect represents young women not yet married and are considered auspicious to propitiate future marriages. In South Korea, too, hibiscus is the national flower and represents immortality both as invincibility in wars and as indissolubility of marriage. Finally, in the Hindu religion it is the sacred flower offered to Kali and Ganesha.

The colors of the hibiscus and their meaning

The hibiscus has a meaning that can also change according to the color of the petals. In fact, the flower has the characteristic of taking on many and different shades and when giving it it is necessary to pay attention to the specific meaning of the particular color chosen. For example, if in general in the nineteenth-century interpretation the hibiscus flower is considered the symbol of a shocking but also fragile and delicate beauty, in particular the white one wants to symbolize the message ‘you are beautiful’. But be careful, because giving two, always white, instead means that you consider the person to whom the flowers are given very loyal. Finally, the red hibiscus still has an even different meaning as it wants to communicate to those who receive it that the sender has a blood-wounded heart because of him.

The origins of the hibiscus

The name of the hibiscus derives from a Greek term – ‘hibiskos’ – which means mallow: in reality there is one of the many varieties of the flower which is really mauve but many other shades are also present in nature. The ancient Egyptians attributed to this flower important aphrodisiac properties and for this they used it for infusions, decoctions and magical potions. Also in India and in the Arab countries the flower and its seeds are very appreciated and used above all for the creation of perfumes and body creams. In the West, however, the hibiscus flower is given as a gift in declarations of love as a marriage request, while giving a bouquet between 12 and 18 March is equivalent to warning the other on the more ephemeral side of human feelings.

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