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Forget-me-nots are wildflowers that are easy to find in nature, small in size but with an intense color and great charm. Precisely because of their beauty that hides in the green of the fields, forget-me-nots are the subject of different legends and their origin is linked to many different stories, depending on the time and place. The botanical name of these small flowers is Myosotis, a genus that includes fifty species. Forget me not is easy to cultivate because it is native to Europe, as well as a spontaneous growth plant in America and Asia, therefore it adapts very well to the climate of the Italian territories: Cultivation is easy also because it is a plant naturally resistant, which does not require excessive attention. Propagation occurs by sowing around September, to have the first flowering already with the following spring. The seedling should be placed in well-draining soil and in a place that receives a few hours of direct sunlight. It is necessary to be careful, in cultivation, not to overdo it with watering, becauseforget-me-not fears excessive humidity, which can cause mold to spread.

Meaning of the flower

The widespread use of forget-me-nots is one of the reasons why several legends are linked to this flower: it is a plant that has been present in the area for centuries and centuries, and has always been known and widespread, which has tickled the imagination of man. over the historical periods. The best known legends are of Austrian origin, precisely because of the high diffusion of the flower. It is the common name of the plant itself that tells a lot about its meaning: the plant is considered a message of love and a request never to be forgotten. The legend says, in fact, that forget-me-notboth the flower and a young loving couple were exchanging on the banks of the Danube; when the shore gave way and the boy fell into the water, before dying he threw the flower to his beloved, begging her never to forget it. However, there is a second legend linked to this flower: the name in this case dates back to the divine creation, during which God, after giving a name to everything, would have realized that he had forgotten these little flowers and had chosen a name. able to make them unforgettable forever. Legends are often attributed to myosotis also linked to the name of “Madonna’s eyes”: in reality, this appellation was reserved for the flowers of the common veronica, with which forget-me-nots are sometimes confused.


Forget-me-nots are present on many other occasions in Western history and tradition: the most recent custom is the one that binds them to the grandparents’ day. Forget-me-nots are the flowers that are used to give as gifts in this custom, perhaps because they are delicate and a sign of the indissoluble bond that will accompany grandfather and grandson forever. Even in the course of history, forget-me-nots have played symbolic roles and sometimes even of considerable importance: throughout the twentieth century, the flower has been chosen several times throughout the world as a symbol of categories of people to be protected and to raise awareness of of social campaigns in favor of the weakest, that is, of those whom we must not forget. Due to its relative significance to persist in memory, King Henry IV of England showed a particular love for this apparently modest-looking little flower, so much so that she chose it as a personal emblem throughout the period of exile. In line with the meaning is also the use of this flower on the occasion of events and initiatives in memory of the victims of the Nazi holocaust: many times this flower can be found as a symbol of events not to be forgotten and dark moments in history that must not end up in oblivion, so that they do not repeat themselves.

Forget-me-not: Giving forget-me-nots

Forget-me-nots, as seen, can be symbolic flowers for special events, such as grandfather’s day: in this case, giving a bouquet is an ideal solution to celebrate the day. But this is not the only opportunity: it is possible to tie their loving message to any person, even your beloved or loved one, certain to make a thought that is graceful in appearance and rich in meaning. However, since these are small flowers, you may also think that a bouquet of forget-me-not suns is not enough for a bouquet that really hits. These small wildflowers remain precious, then, to decorate bouquets that also contain larger flowers and, consequently, of greater impact: in this case it will be possible to play with color combinations and contrasts, as well as, for fans, with the meaning of individual flowers, to give a bouquet that is poetry for the eyes and for the heart. For a lasting thought, the green thumbs will certainly also appreciate a jar with a forget-me-not plant, to continue to cultivate as the feeling that binds the recipient to the one who made the gift.

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