Pasquali two-wheel tractor

Pasquali two-wheel tractors

Pasquali walking tractors are also recognized by the wording Power Safe which follows the alphanumeric code indicating the series they belong to. It is no coincidence that the abbreviation draws attention to the Power Safe® multi-plate clutch in oil bath which confers a series of advantages to these vehicles. First of all, the clutch is maintenance-free even when used with demanding equipment such as cutter bars, lawn mowers or flail mowers. Followed by greater safety guaranteed by a built-in automatic brake which takes care of blocking the machine and tool when the handlebars are released, but which still leaves the engine of the machine running, to avoid repetitive starts. Compliance with the European standard 709 / A4 is a sign of greater safety.

Pasquali two-wheel tractor

The development of Pasquali vehicles always occurs in conjunction with the needs of customers, taking into account their advice and criticisms. Manageability and versatility are the watchwords that protect these products. Of course, versatility, with adjustable and reversible handles for attaching towed or pushed tools. «Four season solution», finally, the motto that makes the Pasquali motor cultivator a concentrate of power that does not wait for anything other than to be connected to the numerous tools to carry out a myriad of processes, in the four seasons in fact. From working the land, to containing weeds, to clearing snow, in the new conceptual philosophy these are all operations that a single machine is able to carry out by itself, after having coupled the right tool.

Four season solution

The solution for every season is inherent in the versatility of the vehicle. The Pasquali walking tractor is designed to be ready for any need. If you need to clear the snow, snow blades or blowers are available, depending on your needs. Available in the 100 cm wide version, to free avenues and squares from the snow, the snow blade has the shape folded on itself for the rolling of the snow and the lateral orientation for its sliding whose adjustments are possible directly from the place. driving. The snow blower is available in two versions: one 60 cm and the other 70 cm wide, with the chimney that can be oriented 180 °, also directly from the driver’s seat. Obviously, snow chains are also available with which to wrap the wheels of the vehicles, to ensure greater grip.

One for all, all for one

From winter to spring the stretch is short and in a moment the cultivator is already at work with the tiller to prepare the soil. If the soil is not yet ready, the rotary plow is able to combine the plowing and milling operations in a single pass, while the irrigation furrows will be created with the furrow plow. For the summer, the cutter bar for cutting tall grass and, to work in uncultivated fields, it is possible to use the 80 cm wide single-blade flail mower, but if the overgrown or undergrowth need a decisive intervention then the Bladerunner the most suitable tool: with its movable «Y» knives, it pulverizes brambles, grass and shrubs; it remains to choose which width to use, whether 60, 75, 90 or 110 cm.

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