Ox blood fertilizer


Fertilizing means providing the elements or nutrients that plants need during the various stages of their development. Fertilization, in fact, is a rather important practice which, in addition to nourishing the plants, also serves to improve the composition of the soil used for crops. Generally it fertilizes to obtain better results both qualitatively and quantitatively speaking. The fertilizations usually take place in particular phases of the growth of the plant in such a way as to offer the nutrients they need and to fill some deficiencies due to external causes. Through fertilization we guarantee nourishment and healthy growth of the plants, and obviously the effect is also psychologically stronger if we use only natural products to do it.

Ox blood

The fertilizers used for the reasons listed above are of two types: organic and chemical ones. Organic fertilizers are spreading more and more, while chemical ones are used less and less because they cause pollution. Among the organic fertilizers there is also ox blood, a fertilizer that is obtained from the blood of slaughtered oxen. Often the «blood» after slaughter is dried and then marketed but, on the market, it is also found in liquid form. The oxblood it is an easily available fertilizer, just contact any nursery or shop that deals with agriculture and gardening. Sometimes it is also possible to find it on the shelves of some supermarkets. The costs of this fertilizer are around 6.50 euros per kg, obviously then they vary according to the brands or production companies and the packaging.

Ox blood fertilizer: Uses

The oxbloodis a nitrogen-laden fertilizer that is used to fertilize green leafy plants and flowering plants. The elements contained within it make it particularly suitable for the fertilization of acidophilic plants. This type of fertilizer should be used in particular phases of plant development: during the formation of buds and during the birth of flowers. Due to the characteristics that compose it, ox blood is also suitable for fertilization during the planting phase for the correction and improvement of calcareous soils. This fertilizer should be administered by diluting it in the water used for watering. The right dose to administer is one measuring cup every 10 liters of water. Ox blood also contains elements of iron and, for this reason, it can also be used if the foliage of our plant tends to yellow. Given the high nitrogen content, it is advisable to be careful not to administer excessive quantities of fertilizer because you risk causing damage to the plant.

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