Differences between Hansel’s and Gretel’s eggplants

The Hansel and Gretel eggplants are two different eggplants
very similar varieties, such as the brother and sister of
a fairy tale. Read some information about Hansel and Gretel’s eggplants to find out
why these hybrids are desirable and what they need to develop and give you a
large harvest.

What are Hansel and Gretel’s eggplants?

Hansel and Gretel are two different hybrid varieties of
eggplant, both of which are fairly new to the world of gardening. They each won the All American
Selections – Hansel in 2008 and Gretel in 2009 Both have been developed
specifically to replicate some of the undesirable characteristics of most

There is virtually no practical difference between Hansel and
Eggplant of Gretel. Hansel has purple skin and Gretel’s skin is white but,
otherwise, they both have the same qualities that make them great choices for
the orchard :

  • The fruits are long and narrow and generally small compared to other varieties.
  • The skin is thin and delicate, without a bitter taste, so there is no reason to remove it for eating.
  • The seeds have been largely reduced to a minimum to improve the texture of the fruit.
  • The harvesting window is larger than for other eggplants. You can start harvesting and using the fruit when it is only 3 to 4 cm (7.6 to 10 cm) long.
  • Keep harvesting the eggplants as they grow to about 10 cm (25 cm) and you will always have a tasty and delicate fruit.

Growing Hansel and Gretel eggplants

The cultivation of Hansel and Gretel eggplants is
exactly the same. They are so similar and have essentially the same needs as
other types
of eggplants that there is no real distinction. The plants are
small, which means that they can grow in your
are also well done in the courtyard containers.

Make sure the soil is rich by adding manure or fertilizer if
necessary. It must drain well, and if the plants in containers,
there must be drainage holes. You can start your Hansel and Gretel
eggplants as seeds inside or use grafts. Either way, do not put your
plants outdoors until the weather is significantly warmer. They will not tolerate the cold
good temperatures.

Whether they are grown in the garden or in a container, put your eggplants
in a place that will be regularly filled with sun and water. The eggplants will be ready
to be taken from 55 days after the transplant, but remember that you can keep
harvest them as the fruit grows.

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