Information about the Ophelia Eggplant: Tips for growing an Ophelia Eggplant

Really a tiny little eggplant,
Ofelia is a great variety for small spaces. It also works well in a
bed, but if there is not enough room or if you only have a courtyard with
to grow vegetables, try this eggplant. The fruit is the size of an egg…
and whole plants are also compact.

What is an Ophelia eggplant?

Ofelia is a variety of eggplant that grows on small plants…
and berries, only two ounces each. Eggplant
They grow in clusters like tomatoes and are dark purple and egg-shaped. The flowers
are stunning lavender and white, and add to the ornamental aspect of this
The taste and texture of Ofelia’s aubergines are of good quality.
quality. They are tender, not bitter. You can use them as you would any other
types of eggplant: roasted, stewed, cooked or fried La petite
The slices obtained from these small aubergines also make them very good as an aperitif.

Growing an Ofelia eggplant in the garden

With some basic information about the Ophelia Eggplant, you can easily
to grow this little gem in your vegetable…
garden. Plants only grow up to about 24 cm (60 cm) in the garden.
height, so consider this variety for a potted garden. Just make sure that the
is big enough; although small, these plants need a little space to
Give your Ophelia eggplant 50 to 55 days to mature.
The seeds take five to ten days to germinate. Give your young plants
rich soil that drains well, either in a bed or in a container. Dilute them until the
Plants are spaced about 18 cm (46 cm) apart.
These plants thrive best in warm conditions, so do not put
outdoors until low temperatures reach at least 50 degrees Fahrenheit (10 Celsius).
You can help harden them indoors by moving the seedlings to a lower level, and
lower temperatures. Use a small amount of fertilizer every two weeks for
the plants grow and are kept well watered.
Your little eggplants
will be ready for harvest when they are the size of an egg and dark purple in colour.
with clear, smooth skin. If the skin begins to wrinkle or become soft, they are
too mature. You can store your eggplants once they have been harvested for a week or ten days.
Expect a high yield from this prolific variety of eggplant.

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