Early variety of Golden Acre cabbage: how to grow Golden Acre cabbage

For many hobby gardeners, growing cabbage is an excellent way to extend the gardening season. Whether it’s
grown in early spring or late fall, cold-tolerant cabbages develop in
cooler temperatures. Variety of size, texture and colour, different open
Pollinated cabbage varieties allow growers to choose the most suitable plants for their crops.
are adapted to your garden and growing area. Golden Acre is appreciated for its
Compact size and early maturity in the garden.

How to grow Golden Acre cabbage

Golden Acre cabbage matures in about 60-65 days.
are often among the first cabbages to be harvested from the garden in the
Spring. At the height of the harvest, the first Golden Acre cabbages produce heads
ranging from 3 to 5 pounds. (1.4-2.3 kg.).

These smooth cabbage heads are exceptionally firm, and a
a good choice for growing in smaller garden spaces. The crisp, crunchy texture of
The Golden Acre variety of cabbage makes it a fantastic choice for

use in salads and
stir-fry recipes.

Early Golden Acre cabbages will also need rich soil. A
combination of high quality finished compost and soil improvers for nitrogen-rich soils
are generally recommended for those who wish to form large cabbage heads.

When to plant Golden Acre cabbage

When it comes to Golden Acre cabbage, healthy growth
The key is transplanting for the garden. Like other cultivars, Golden Acre
The cabbage variety will have to be initiated and transferred to the garden in the
the right time.

To start the cabbage seeds, sow in seed starter trays in
in early spring or late summer, depending on the preferred harvest window. Spring
cabbages will need enough time to mature before the summer heat
he’s arrived. Later, you can plant cabbages for the harvest in the autumn garden;
but the growers are likely to control the insect pressure.

While it is possible to direct the sowing of cabbage seeds, the
Care must be taken to protect the early stages of delicate plants.

Caring for the Golden Acre cabbage variety

After planting, Golden Acre cabbage will require a
and soil nutrients so that they can develop to their full potential. For the
For best results, it is important that the plants receive sufficient sunlight and that the plants are not overly exposed to the sun.
constant humidity throughout the growing season.

When you choose to water your cabbages, always make sure that
Avoid wetting the leaves of the plant. This will help reduce the incidence of
and help promote more resistant plants.

Feeding the plants several times per growing season will help
to promote new growth, as well as to help the cabbages maintain their vigour. Like
Always make sure to use modifications only as indicated on the product label.

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