Variety Earliana Fang: how to grow Earliana cabbage

Earliana cabbage plants develop long before most of the other cabbage plants.
varieties, with a maturation period of about 60 days. The cabbages are very attractive, deep
green, with a round and compact shape. Growing Earliana cabbage is not difficult.
Just remember this cabbage
is a cool climate vegetable. It can tolerate frost, but is at risk of collapse.
(go to seed) when temperatures exceed 80 F. (27 C.).

Start as early as possible in the spring so that you can
Harvest the cabbages before the summer peak. If you live in a temperate climate,
can make a second harvest at the end of the summer for a winter or spring harvest. Read
to learn more about Earliana cabbage and how to grow this sweet cabbage
cabbages in his own garden.

Growing the Earliana cabbage variety

For an early harvest, start sowing indoors. Earlian cabbage
The variety can be planted outdoors three to four weeks before the last frost in
in the spring, so start sowing four to six weeks earlier. You can also plant
cabbage seeds directly in the garden as soon as the soil can be safely worked
in the spring.

Before planting, work the soil well and dig two to four holes.
cm (5-10 cm) of fertilizer
or manure,
as well as a balanced, general purpose fertilizer. Check the label for
details. Transplant the cabbage in the garden when the plants are at three to
four cm (8-10 cm) high. Thin Earliana cabbage at 18-24 cm intervals
cm (46-61 cm) when the seedlings have three or four sets of leaves.

Water the Earliana cabbage plants thoroughly when the top of the
The soil is slightly dry. Do not allow the soil to soak or dry out, because
Extreme fluctuations in humidity can cause an unpleasant taste and can lead to
…that they separate. It is best to water the plants early in the day, using a drip system, or
Garden hose. To prevent disease, try to keep the leaves as dry as possible.

Apply a layer of mulch
around the Earliana to conserve moisture and discourage weed growth. Fertilize
Earliana cabbages about a month after thinning or transplanting the plants.
Apply fertilizer in a band between the rows, then water thoroughly.

Harvest of Earliana cabbage plants

their cabbage plants when the heads are firm and have reached a usable size.
Don’t leave them in the garden too long, as the heads may split. To harvest
Cabbage Earliana, use a sharp knife to cut the head at ground level.

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