Planting Loma Lettuce Seeds – How to grow a Loma Lettuce Plant

Loma Batavian is a crunchy French lettuce with shiny dark green leaves. It is easy to grow in cool weather, but is also relatively heat tolerant. If you are considering growing Loma Batavian lettuce, you will want advice on how to plant and care for it. Below is information on the requirements for growing Loma lettuce.

Lettuce variety Loma

Loma Batavian lettuce produces pretty green heads with shiny fried leaves around the edges. The large leaves are thick and firm, but the heads are relatively small and compact.

The plant reaches maturity and is ready to be harvested in about 50 days. It is somewhat heat tolerant, but tends to grow in the heat of summer.

Growing Instructions for Loma Lettuce

If you have decided to start growing Loma lettuce, you can start soon. Start planting Loma lettuce about four to six weeks before the average last frost date in your area.

Usually, when sowing before a frost, the seeds are planted in containers inside. However, as lettuce is very resistant to cold, you can sow Loma lettuce seeds in the same garden plot.

Plant the seeds 14 inches (0.6 cm) deep in the rows. When the Loma lettuce seeds germinate, you should thin out the seedlings about 8-12 cm (.20-30 cm) apart. But do not discard these sparse seedlings; replant them in another row to get even more plants.

Lettuce Loma Care

Once lettuce plants are established, care is fairly easy. Moisture is important for lettuce, so water it regularly. How much water? Give the plants enough water to keep the soil moist, but not enough to soak them.

A danger to Loma Batavian lettuce is wildlife. Mammals, such as rabbits, like to nibble sweet leaves and garden slugs like to chew, so protection is essential.

If you decide to plant Loma and only Loma, you should plant successive crops every two or three weeks to extend the harvest season. You can treat Loma like a loose leaf lettuce and harvest the outer leaves as they grow, or you can wait and harvest the head.

Wait until the weather is cooler to harvest and you’ll get crisp, delicious leaves. Always harvest on the same day.

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