Red October Tomato Care – How to grow a Red October Tomato Plant

Growing tomatoes is a late summer and early fall gift in your garden. Nothing in the supermarket can compare to the freshness and flavour of home-grown tomatoes. There are many varieties you can grow, but if you want a tasty tomato that keeps well, try Red October.

What is an October red tomato?

Red October is a variety of tomato plant that produces large fruits, about half a pound, that keep well and have a long shelf life. If you like tomatoes, you can design your garden to produce different varieties that ripen early, mid-season and late. For these late tomatoes, you want fruit that keeps well and lasts until late fall or early winter, depending on where you live.

October red tomatoes are a good choice for your late season tomatoes. They ripen in the fall but can be stored up to four weeks longer than other varieties, even without refrigeration. They will even stay on the vine for some time; just before the first severe frosts.

How to grow an October red tomato plant

As with other types of tomatoes, choose a sunny spot for your red October plants. Space them 60 to 90 cm (24 to 36 cm) apart to allow for growth and air circulation. They should be transplanted outdoors in May for most climates. Make sure the soil is rich or modified in organic matter and that it drains well.

Once transplanted into the garden, the care of Red October tomatoes is similar to that of other tomato varieties: control weeds, use a mulch to control weeds and retain water, and ensure that the plants receive one to two cm (2.5-5 cm) of rain per week or additional water if necessary. Avoid aerial watering to prevent disease.

Your red October plants will give you a nice harvest in one go at the end of the season. You can delay harvesting some of your tomatoes as long as they are not vulnerable to pests or frost. However, be sure to pick all of them before the frost, even those that are not yet ripe. With Red October’s storage capacity, you can enjoy fresh tomatoes for several more weeks, perhaps even for Thanksgiving.

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