Illinois Beauty Information: Caring for Illinois Beauty Tomato Plants

The Illinois Beauty tomatoes that can grow in your garden are large producers and come from an accidental crossbreeding. These tasty, open-pollinated tomato plants are excellent for those who can also store seeds. To learn more about growing these tomatoes, click here.

About Illinois Beauty tomato plants

Illinois Beauty’s indeterminate type (vine) tomato plants produce tomatoes during the mid-growth season and continue until frost in many areas. A red, round, tasty salad plant can be grown at the market or in the family garden. This plant produces berries from 4 to 6 ounces.

Illinois Beauty’s information on tomato care recommends starting this plant indoors, rather than planting it directly on its outside bed. Start planting 6-8 weeks before the last frost is expected to occur so that the seedlings are ready when the soil warms up. Indeterminate vines are not ideal specimens for repotting, but if you choose to grow Illinois Beauty in a container, choose one that has at least five gallons.

Growing Illinois Beauty Tomato Plants

When you start with a plant in the ground, bury up to two thirds of the stem of Illinois Beauty tomato plants. The roots grow along the buried stem, making the plant stronger and able to find water in case of drought. Cover the planting area with a 2-4 cm (5-10 cm) mulch to conserve water.

The Illinois Beauty crop produces an abundant harvest in most years. This tomato bears fruit during hot summers and produces flawless fruit. It seems to grow well and also produces a lot in cooler summers. Set aside a sunny spot in the garden for the tomato plants. Leave about 3 feet (.91 m) around the Illinois Beauty plant for growth and be prepared to add a cage or other trellis to support the vines and fruit of this generous grower. This plant grows up to 5 feet (.5 m).

Amend poor soil to improve growth, although some growers report that this tomato grows well in poor soil. Work with granular fertilizer when preparing your planting site and remember to include fertilizer to improve drainage. If you use liquid fertilizer, apply it regularly, especially if the plant is slow growing.

Taking care of the beautiful Illinois tomatoes

When caring for Illinois Beauty or any other tomato plant, water them regularly to prevent disease and fruit cracking. Water the roots slowly so that water does not run off. Soak the root zone thoroughly in the morning or evening. Choose a time and continue watering on this schedule with more water only when temperatures warm up and more water is needed.

A daily routine that avoids splashing water on the fruit and foliage helps your plant produce its best tomatoes.

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