Staking of tomato plants – Find the best way to stake your tomatoes

Stacking tomato plants is a great way to improve the quality of the tomatoes you’re going to harvest and helps keep the tomato plants healthier. Finding the best way to plant tomatoes on stakes depends on a few factors in your garden. Read on to learn about three common ways to plant tomatoes with stakes.

The tomato cage

A tomato cage is probably the most common way to place tomatoes on the ground. People often buy a tomato cage in their supermarket or hardware store. These tomato cages are convenient but rarely provide adequate support for an adult tomato plant.

Instead, consider investing in a homemade tomato cage made of chicken wire or concrete wire.

The tomato cage method is the best way to stake tomatoes in a medium to large garden with lots of storage space. It also allows plants to grow without having to prune the tomatoes.

Tomato stakes

The «original» way of staking tomatoes involves

by tying the tomato plant to a stake or stick in the ground. Tomato stakes are usually made of wood, bamboo or plastic, and you can now find «free-standing» spiral tomato stakes at hardware stores and nurseries. This method is the simplest of the three initially, but it is the one that requires the most effort to maintain.

Plants growing on tomato stakes should be monitored daily during active growth and attached to the stake as they grow. The gardener should also ensure that the tomatoes are tied securely enough so that the weight of the fruit does not pull them down, but not so tightly that they damage the plant. The gardener must also make sure that the stake is high enough to accommodate the full size of the plant.

This method is the best way to plant tomatoes in gardens of all sizes and is particularly suitable for tomatoes grown in containers where space is limited. Tomato plants grow best with this method if the tomatoes are pruned to grow on a single stem.

Tomato string

Rope tomato cultivation is a relatively new method that has become more popular on small farms. It involves tying the tomato to the base of the plant and then to a top tie. The tomato plant is formed on the rope as it grows.

As with tomato stakes, the plants should be checked daily while they are actively growing, but the taut string provides enough tension to support a tomato plant loaded with fruit without being so tight as to damage the plant.

Growing tomatoes on ropes is the best way to plant tomatoes in a garden that wants to make the most of limited space. Tomatoes can be easier to form if they are pruned, but this is not absolutely necessary as the string can be attached to any extra branches that grow.

Whether you use a tomato cage, tomato stakes or grow tomatoes on ropes, one thing is certain. By planting stakes in tomato plants, you increase your chances of success.

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