10 sun plants

There are some plants in the plant kingdom that develop and thrive in warm climates, since they are species that, even in high temperature conditions, remain beautiful and healthy. For this reason, they are the most suitable plants for a garden or terrace that receives direct sunlight all year round.

Boasting a beautiful garden all year round is not as easy as you think, since not all species have the same ability to adapt to different climatic conditions. Some are sun and cold resistant outdoor plants; since they get along with the different seasons. While others are known as winter plants or summer plants; since they only survive in certain environments. In addition, each one needs different care depending on the species.

Some gardens, balconies and terraces receive a lot of sun throughout the day and when the vegetation found there are not sun-resistant plants, there is a risk that their flowers and leaves will end up burning and dying. For this reason, beyond selecting outdoor ornamental plants for a landscape design, it is essential to know how to choose species that are capable of withstanding wind, heat, drought and direct sunlight.

When plants that support a lot of sun are chosen, the green areas or the exterior of the house will always be adorned with the most beautiful flowers and leaves. However, although these are species that resist heat, they should not be allowed to dehydrate completely. For this reason, one recommendation is to use automated showers (if you click here, you will find several products to choose from) that distribute the water evenly according to weather conditions.

Some of the most beautiful plants in the sun

Selecting outdoor plants or plants for terraces is not an easy task, since there is a great diversity of species that can withstand summer and heat. Here is a selection of 10 of the most beautiful.


Gazania is an ornamental species that is characterized by its resistance to the most inhospitable climatic conditions. For this reason, it is used to repopulate arid and stony soils; as it tolerates intense sun and extreme heat. It is a species native to South Africa and its perennial flowers can adorn any garden that receives enough hours of sun.


Geraniums are hardy plants that do not require much care. However, it is a species that does not tolerate cold and winter very well; so they are usually grown on bright balconies, gardens or terraces in full sun. Spring and summer are its favorite seasons, times when it offers a beautiful bloom of bright colors.


Also called «caña de indias» or «capachos». It is a sun resistant plant that offers large flowers, tropical foliage and is easy to grow. Also, their blooms are long-lasting and their buds appear from mid-summer to autumn, so they will always adorn gardens with their variety of colors: yellow, white, red and orange. It is a species native to Brazil and its leaves also offer a natural spectacle.


The honeysuckle or lonicera is a climbing species that grows quickly. It offers garden flowers that are characterized by the sweet and intense aroma they give off, especially at night. On the other hand, honeysuckle is a shrub of great benefit to the environment, since it is capable of absorbing a large amount of pollution.


Not only for its medicinal, culinary or flavoring properties, cultivating aromatics is a task that many garden lovers are passionate about. These species need an average of four hours of sunlight per day, making them suitable for warm environments. The best known are lavender, thyme, rosemary and sage.


Dahlia flower pots are an ornament that embellishes any outdoor space. They belong to the chrysanthemum family and are the national plant of Mexico. It has thin and flexible stems, while its striking flowers (some of which are large) offer multiple petals in a wide range of colors.

Succulent or succulent

The name of succulent plants is given by their special quality to retain water, which is why they are known as juicy plants. They are able to store enough water in their fleshy leaves, stems and roots, in order to be self-sufficient for periods of drought. They are cultivated as plants for gardens where the sun shines directly; although there are also species that can be placed indoors. The most representative varieties are aloe vera, echeverría, jade tree, Christmas cactus and others.

Jamaica flower

Native to tropical and subtropical regions, the flower of Jamaica is also known as «China rose» or hibiscus. It is an evergreen shrub that can reach five meters in height when grown directly in the ground. Its flowers are large and showy, while its leaves have jagged edges. Its flowering is in spring, it requires abundant light and a warm climate.


This genus with more than 18 species is one of the most attractive plants to decorate any terrace. It is a climbing plant capable of creating natural settings of great beauty, since the most outstanding thing is its flowering; which is distinguished by large clusters of small flowers of various colors. The more sun it receives, the more abundant flowers it will have.

The roses

For many it is the flower par excellence, since they are related to love, elegance and delicacy; but beyond this, roses are plants that support the sun and heat. They offer beautiful flowers all year round and provide an exquisite aroma.

You don’t have to be a gardening expert to enjoy these beautiful plants. It just takes a little dedication and providing them with a habitat where they can grow and develop. To do this, one suggestion would be to build wooden supports for them using a circular table saw, so that the pots can be placed in an organized manner and optimal drainage is guaranteed.

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