Five resistant plants for the terrace or balcony

With the arrival of good weather, that little piece of open air that is part of our house returns to take center stage. We refer to that terrace or balcony that, perhaps, we have neglected during the cold months. A space that invites enjoyment and that we can live even more if we turn it into our little garden. For this, nothing like betting on resistant plants for terrace or balcony. Some that, in addition to accompanying us in the sunny months, also do so when the cold seasons return.

Choosing resistant plants is almost a guarantee of life. A way to bet on plants with little care and incredible toughness. Capable of adapting to both the heat of summer and the cold. Something that does not mean that, sometimes, they do not need us to lend them a hand. A great way to take advantage of those few or many square meters of terrace or balcony to transform it into our corner to disconnect from the madding crowd.

Thus, and although we have already reviewed the plants for the balcony or terrace, today we want to focus on some that will give us little to do. In resistant plants that even have an ornamental character. Perfect to create our private oasis no matter how small.


The range of resistant plants for the terrace or balcony is very wide. However, there are certain considerations to take into account before opting for one or the other.

To begin with, the orientation of our space. No matter how resistant plants they are, we cannot play with them on a north-facing terrace or balcony than on one that faces south. An aspect to consider before buying outdoor plants. And it is that as much as we like plants, such as surfinia or petunia, if our terrace or balcony faces north we will not be able to fully enjoy them.

In addition to this aspect, there is another to consider: the time that we can dedicate to its maintenance. Although we choose resistant plants for our exterior, the truth is that they also need some care. Some demands that vary in levels of demand according to the plant, and that we have to evaluate before opting for one or the other.

Starting from these two premises, let’s see five resistant plants for the terrace or balcony. Five proposals with different needs for sun, irrigation and care.

1. Boxwood

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One of the most rustic resistant plants that exist. It is not only perennial but also requires little maintenance. With reduced irrigation except in summer, we won’t even have to worry about its location: it can live in sun or semi-sun. Added, the boxwood will not be one of our concerns during the winter as it can withstand temperatures down to -20 degrees.

Extremely decorative, boxwood is perfect both to be grown in pots and in pots. The more depth it has for its roots to develop, the more it will grow, reaching even two meters. To stimulate the plant, marked by slow growth, it is advisable to apply a fertilizer for green plants from time to time.

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Due to its nature as an ornamental shrub, it is a resistant plant perfect for planting together with other flowering plants. A combination that will allow us to play with volumes and colors.

2. Lavender

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One of nature’s most incredible perfumes. A scent reminiscent of summer. Growing lavender is much easier than it seems. Being a rustic plant, its care is not very demanding. It will only require a good location with a lot of sun or, failing that, a lot of light. It will depend on this dose that it can flourish and perfume our terrace or balcony.

Although it tolerates the cold well, it is a plant that loves warm temperatures and moist, well-drained soil. In order for it to grow with luster, it will only require a slightly acidic substrate. The moment in which the plant has to regain strength to be able to use them in the summer flowering.

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Although it is a resistant plant, it will need a task from us. We refer to pruning, a task that we will have to carry out before spring or in autumn.

3. Jasmine

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It is one of the most beautiful resistant plants that exist. Not only because its climbing character allows it to embellish any surface, but also because it has a more than peculiar perfume. Despite its delicate appearance, we are talking about a rustic plant. An aspect that makes jasmine care more than simple based on a premise: it is a plant that loves light but not direct sunlight. Something that we will have to contemplate, planting it in semi-shade. Too much sun can damage its roots.

Despite being a lover of warm climates, it perfectly tolerates the temperature drops typical of winter. It will only require one care: protect its roots from frost. Something that we can achieve by creating padding on the surface of the substrate, or by covering the plant with a garden protection mesh. Also, with the arrival of autumn and spring, it will be necessary to help the jasmine with a little organic fertilizer.

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Not even when it comes to watering is demanding. While in summer we will have to dispense it every couple of days, we can do it only once in the cold months. What we will have to watch out for is that it has good drainage, which is key to preventing its roots from rotting.

4. Bamboo

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Also called vegetable steel, bamboo is one of those resistant plants that we are more than used to seeing. Although it is little known that it is actually an herb; It is perfect for separating spaces on a terrace. It acquires a good height and, in addition, tupe of leaves from practically the base. Two ideal aspects to have this ornamental shrub on any terrace or balcony of good dimensions.

Despite its size, it can be grown in pots or pots of a good size. The greater this, the greater the growth of the plant. Although it demands abundant and regular watering, it does not tolerate waterlogging. Hence we have to be careful with its drainage. In addition to water, another of its great needs is the sun: it needs good exposure to grow normally.

Finally, facing winter, we can rest easy. Bamboo withstands up to -10 degrees without the need for any type of protection.

5. Begonia

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And we leave for last one of the most beautiful hardy flowering plants there is. An ideal one for north-facing spaces since, although the begonia needs good light, it does not tolerate direct exposure. If it was planted receiving sun, its flowers would be damaged by excess heat.

Small in size, its flowering is a true spectacle of colors and nuances. What’s more: since it is a very large plant family, there are even species in which their simple leaves are highly decorative.

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The begonia demands constant watering, which allows the substrate to be moist but never flooded. For its correct cultivation, the ideal is to opt for a universal fertilizer and, during flowering, the application of a liquid fertilizer once a week.

And, once you have seen our proposal for resistant plants, which ones would you choose for your terrace or balcony? Tell us!

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