[10 Types] of Indoor Plants that Need Low Light

Are there plants that we can enjoy without needing direct or indirect exposure to the sun every day?[/su_note]

Yes, they exist and now we will see the 10 best types that you could locate if you want to decorate the interior of your house with any of them.

mother in law tongue

For those who are new to the world of crops and who also do not have the ideal light conditions , mother-in-law’s tongue is a great option.

Its little demand in terms of care, plus the valuable addition that it helps to purify the air , make it ideal for houses or flats.

It is a plant that will grow anywhere, it adapts well to all types of soil and its irrigation requirements are minimal.The only thing to anticipate with it revolves around space, as it spreads its leaves upright.


Pothos are perhaps one of the most popular indoor species, whose need for light is very low,that exist today.

It has the ability to reproduce quickly and stay in perfect condition without the need for extreme care.

Another detail that makes it incredibly adaptable is that it is capable of staying alive both on the substrate and in water.This, plus the addition that it can grow hanging, at ground level or attached to the walls, makes its good adaptability much easier.


One of the main characteristics of bromeliads is that the sun’s rays tend to burn their leaves , so they must be kept in low light.

Although there are varieties that can be located outdoors, these will be easily detectable by having thorns on the edges of the leaves.

This species requires, however, sufficient moisture in its leaves, so it is advisable to spray them 2 or 3 times a week .They prefer a good quality substrate which will also need to be moistened regularly to prevent them from drying out completely.


In addition to being an invaluable support for the kitchen, mint is also an ideal plant to have indoors due to the fresh green of its leaves and the aroma it gives off.

As it does not grow much , it is easily located in any corner or table in the living room or kitchen.

However, it is a bit demanding in terms of care because it needs soil that has excellent drainage to withstand frequent watering.Given the opportunity, it could eventually be placed in a spot where it receives indirect sunlight if you’re looking to increase its size.

aloe vera

Aloe vera, also known as aloe vera,is one of the most beneficial in the worldand having it at home is a true privilege.

Its level of adaptability is such that it is able to withstand living in full sunlight and also indoors where light is scarce.

But perhaps the most interesting thing about the species, in addition to the magnificent properties of its gel, is that it hardly needs any care .In addition, it is a very beneficial species for the environment where it is placed, as it helps clean the air and also helps you fall asleep better.


The tape, although in some places it is often called malamadre, the reality is that it is a kind of very good characteristics to have inside the house.

Its leaves are not very resistant to sunlight , so it can be kept away from windows without any inconvenience.

Another good detail is that it is a species that can last for many years and whose care will not take up much time.Perhaps the most important thing will be watering, which in summer should be 3 times a week, while in winter once a week will suffice.

peace lily

For those who enjoy plants that produce flowers, even if they are indoors, the peace lily or peace lily is ideal.

Although it can live away from windows, because direct sunlight tends to burn its leaves, flowering will only occur when you have it in a well-lit place.

It is demanding in terms of irrigation processes because the land must have good drainage.If it is kept in a pot with a saucer, it is necessary to empty it frequently because the roots are prone to rotting due to excess moisture.

african violet

The African violet, we continue with the species of indoor plants capable of decorating the environment with beautiful flowers, in this case, violet.

This contrast between the flowers and the leaves that appear in a dark green color, give you what you need to decorate any environment .

Among its main advantages is that it is capable of flowering several times a year.As for the risks, it is necessary to dedicate some time to it because it does not get along well with the drip method.

It is best to place the water in the saucer of the pot and let it absorb it, removing the excess later.

lounge palm tree

Who is not dazzled by the beauty of a palm tree? And if it is possible to have a small size option inside the house, even better.

Being from American countries, she is used to warm environments , so she is perfectly capable of living comfortably inside the house.

What is necessary is that it maintain the correct level of humidity to stay healthy, which you can achieve by watering and spraying its leaves.

Its structure will provide elegance , so it is common to see it placed in the living room or in a wide corridor. It can reach a height of 2 meters.

Adam’s rib

If there is a plant with exceptional characteristics in its leaves and that can be used indoors in low light, it is Adam’s rib.

This condition is given by its origin, since it comes from very dense jungle areas , where large trees prevent natural access to light.

In general it is quite resistant, it can survive short droughts, but it is best to provide it with a humid environment so that it develops well.

All these plants are beautiful and ideal for you if you live in a place where sunlight does not reach directly.

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