14 Most Famous Types and Varieties of Sweet Potatoes

The sweet potato is the sweet potato and it is also called sweet potato, some of the names of this plant native to America that the Spanish took to the Philippines and the Portuguese to India, China and Japan, until making it popular throughout the world.

It is a tropical plant, a staple food, an important source of energy that provides dietary fiber, vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin B6.Some of its main varieties are the following:

thick-branch Californian

As its name indicates, it is native to California, United States. It is used for roasting and baking. Its main feature is its thick stem, as well as its branches.

Medium-sized tubers in the form of elongated balloons. Reddish color in the skin, pale color in the meat. From the crossing of this plant with the beuregard, the Pepita sweet potato was born in Malaga.

Sweet Potato Nugget

To obtain this species, the company Viveros Santana, from Malaga, the largest producer of sweet potato seedlings in Europe, and the Health Institute of Sao Paulo, Brazil, colluded for five years.

It is a sweet potato that is purple on the outside and inside, with the novelty that it has a roasted chestnut flavor and is ideal for roasting and frying, as well as for pureeing.


A variety of white-fleshed sweet potato that is very popular in the east and north of Spain. Its greatest characteristic is its sweetness, which is why it is widely used in confectionery.

Rose of Malaga

Sweet potato with a pink color and yellowish flesh, sugary, perfumed, rich in starch, with a high content of carotene and vitamin C. It is of early production, very productive.

Its roots are variable, oblong, bulging at one end, with longitudinal grooves.


American variety sweet potato. It is very vigorous, of early production, adapts very well to climatic conditions, but does well with high temperatures.It has good yields and its fruit is of high quality.


Highly recommended for its great yield, and the shape, size and color of the tubers.

red violet

Smooth, purplish-red skin. Little floury meat, slightly pink and white, sweetened and perfumed. It has long and fine tuberous roots. It is cultivated all over the world.

Lisa from Tucuman

Of Argentine origin, uniform size and smooth surface, fusiform tuberous roots. Early production of good yield. Very sweet taste. Withstands high temperatures, and holds up well in drought. Holds excess moisture.

georgia jet

Smooth surface and orange flesh, good yield. Its origin is in the United States.

It has the positive characteristic that it is earlier than the other species of sweet potatoes and is widely consumed in Spain. Quick in thickening, the harvest takes place in 90 days.


Of African origin, of high production, it adapts very well to climate conditions, but it is sensitive in conservation, so extreme care must be taken in transport due to the damage that handling and knocks may cause.

yellow sweet potato

It is another name given to the sweet potato, this being the sweetest and most well-known species of this plant.

This species is also called orange sweet potato, because, although its bark is yellow, the interior is orange.

white sweet potato

Rich in starch, it is the most identified with traditional potatoes due to its pale yellow colour.

sweet potato from the hill

More akin to the plant genus Dioscorea (yams) than to the Ipomoea of ​​sweet potatoes, it has wood -colored skin so it resembles a tree trunk. It is from Mexico and we also find it in Central America and the Caribbean.

wild sweet potato

It grows wild in North America, Central America, and the Caribbean; It is also of the yam genus, it has a dark brown color and white flesh.

Although it serves as food, it is used to relieve the symptoms of menopause.

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