4 Types and Varieties of the Most Famous Aubergines

Round shaped eggplant varieties

black round

Of Asian origin, plant 1.30 m tall, dark purple. Large aubergine, can reach 600 grams, white meat fruit with good flavor.

It is round and slightly oval, very productive. Reduce the cholesterol. It has diuretic and anticancer properties. Ideal to eat grilled or fried Parmesan.

white round

Bright white in color, it is born from a vigorous plant adapted to various climatic environments. Like the black round brinjal, it is very productive, but thick.

Pulp with a delicate flavor, with few seeds. Like the previous one, it can be grilled or fried Parmesan.

Sabelle RZ F1

Purple in color, with good flavor, open size with short internodes, shiny, with dense pulp, it produces uniform fruits with a medium-sized crown and few thorns. It has optimal characteristics of taste, texture, smell, color and temperature.

Black Beauty

Greek variety, purple in color, with good production, popular for its rapid maturation. Hardy and easy to grow. It grows well in greenhouses or warm places.

Aromatic eggplant, medium-late, round and oval in shape. It has a shiny skin, few seeds, slightly bitter pulp.

Common Round Florence

Light purple color, with white shading around the calyx, tender, white pulp, with a mild flavor, compact and slightly acid, with few seeds. They grow in warm weather. The cold damages them.

bianca di rose

Smooth white with pink skin, hard pulp, few seeds. This mid-early cycle variety grows in high temperatures and is ideal in many forms of culinary art. A true delight.


Of medium size, intense light purple color, if they are not ripe or have passed maturation, their flavor will turn bitter. It has a black cup with a kind of white neck. Round slightly oval. white pulp.

Varieties of aubergines from Murcia

light purple

It comes from the Sephardic society that lived in many Murcian Jewish quarters. It originates from a very resistant plant, with thorny leaves and trunk. It is one of the favorite dishes of Murcian cuisine.

Very versatile, it is eaten fried, in salads with roasted aubergines (almodrote) and on a plate with fried tomatoes and green peppers.


Glossy black. It is born from a vigorous plant, proudly upright. Round-oval, thick eggplant, which can reach 500 grams.It serves for the urinary tract, kidneys and liver.Its texture makes it ideal for the kitchen where it can be eaten fried, grilled or stuffed with ham and cheese.

Eggplant varieties in oval shape

king sweater

With a smooth surface and dark purple skin, it is an oval aubergine variety that has notable dimensions. Suitable for crops in the open field and in greenhouses, it is widely cultivated due to the guarantee of optimal production levels.

monstrous new york

Large aubergine, from the Big Apple, where its name comes from. Vegetables of the nightshade family so they are heat lovers.

For optimum production, about 20º centigrade is recommended. Its color varies from white to white-violet.

oval white

It comes from the Bages area, in Catalonia, it is a fruit and vegetable variety that tends to disappear from the market and is left for the family garden, although it is being rescued.Its plant is vigorous and responds to a variety of climatic environments.

It has excellent organoleptic and nutritional properties.Shiny, white skin, lack of vegetable pigments.Hard pulp with few seeds.


High yielding eggplant, early, elongated oval, good germination rate. Bright purple color, with pleasant-flavored pulp. The compact plant makes it easy to harvest. It can be sown on flat ground or in a tunnel.

Varieties of eggplants in elongated shape

Palermitan long violet

Eggplant of large dimensions, quite elongated and claviform. Deep purple rind, very striking. It has a fleshy, greenish-white pulp with a delicate flavor with a spicy touch.

This differentiates it in the kitchen from many other species. Good for first courses.

Violet of Naples

Eggplant of large dimensions and elongated shape and claviforms (mace, baton or club shape) with dark purple skin. Pulp with a strong and pungent flavor.

long black eggplant

It is one of the largest. It can be 25 centimeters. Its color is deep purple. It is sown in different months depending on where it is found.From January to March in a Mediterranean climate, from March to April in a continental climate, and in the nursery from January to March.

Early Dwarf Violet

As its name indicates, the plant produces fruits very early, and has a rounded shape at its tip.Smaller than the others in its family, the Napoli violet and the long Palermitan.

It has a shiny shell, it is purple in color, it does not have a smooth surface and it is flat at the extremities.

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