5 drought resistant plants

There are many reasons to choose drought resistant plants. For some people, the main reason is to respect the environment. A position that translates into asking ourselves how to make a low-maintenance sustainable garden. And, far from being a matter of trend, it is perfectly logical. Climate change brings with it a decrease in rainfall. A fact that reminds us that water is a true natural treasure.

But being sustainable is not the only reason to opt for drought-resistant plants. In addition, choosing them is for many people the only way to be able to enjoy an exterior full of nature without spending too much time on it. What’s more: these plants that withstand a lack of water well are, added, the ideal ones for the forgetful, for those people who sing «I have no hand with plants» and who usually opt for easy-care outdoor plants.

Whatever the reason, one thing is clear. Drought-resistant plants require less care than other plants. A good reason to discover some proposals that can fill our terrace or garden with life.


Let’s bust two myths that come with drought resistant plants. Or, rather, two prejudices. On the one hand, we tend to think that these types of plants are only shrubs. And yes: it is true that there are a good number of them among drought-resistant plants. But no: they are not the only plants that can survive and live perfectly without water. The range of outdoor plants that meet this premise is extremely wide.

But it is not the only prejudice that needs to be broken. It is also often thought that these plants are unattractive, and nothing is further from the truth! That they are rustic is not at odds with beauty. What’s more: some of the most common plants in gardens correspond, precisely, to drought-resistant plants.

And nothing like discovering this with practical examples. Or, better said, with a varied proposal of perfect plants for different tastes.

1. Dimorphotheca, one of the plants with the greatest adaptability

One of the most striking drought resistant plants. get it here

We start our list with an ideal plant for terraces or gardens. Its South African origins mark, to a large extent, its scarce need for water. But, curiously, and despite its origin, it is resistant to cold: it can live exposed to up to five degrees below zero.

But beware: although it does not require much watering, it is demanding when it comes to the sun. In order for it to grow properly, we will have to guarantee that it receives it directly and for as many hours as possible. Only then will it be able to grow up to a meter in height, and bloom profusely for months.

2. Verbena, an ideal plant for color lovers

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One of the most common plants in the gardens of our country. Very colorful and generous in its flowering, this is not its only attraction. Added, it is an extremely simple plant to grow. It only requires a good dose of sun, although preferably with its roots in semi-shade.

The only thing we will have to be careful about is the temperature. Verbena is a chilly plant that only blooms in warm temperatures. A compelling reason to protect it in the winter months.

3. Lavender, the aromatic par excellence

One of the most beautiful and rustic aromatics. Discover it in depth here

It is, without a doubt, a true symbol of summer. Not only is it extremely striking and scented: we are also talking about a rustic plant that hardly demands anything. And it is that the care of lavender makes it really very easy to enjoy it perennially.

This incredible bushy plant needs a good dose of sun to flourish and we can even expose it to cold. It is not ideal but it can withstand low temperatures.

4. Bougainvillea, one of the hardiest drought-resistant plants

One of the plants that best resist the lack of water. Include it in your home

Another authentic natural and rustic beauty. Its Mediterranean origins give us a clue to its water needs. And yes: it is probably one of the plants that best adapts to drought. What’s more: an excess of watering can be deadly for its roots, since they rot.

Beyond this detail, bougainvillea care does not entail any difficulty, even for beginner gardeners. The only precaution we will have to take is to choose a suitable place for it. Let’s not forget that it is one of the most developed climbers, and can reach a good size.

5. Olive tree, the most symbolic tree

One of the symbols of the Mediterranean. Enjoy it at home

How to resist the beauty of this tree! The olive tree is probably one of the most significant trees for our culture. A compelling reason for it to populate a good number of public spaces but also gardens.

Beyond its great ornamental beauty, olive tree care does not require much attention. In addition to being able to live solely on rainwater, it only requires a spacious place to grow and a location with a lot of sun.

Which of these drought resistant plants do you already have at home? Tell us!

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