5 types of Christmas plants that cannot be missing in your home

If there is something good about this time of year, it is that it lends itself to decorating the different spaces more than ever. Some that live a real transformation, both through accessories and thanks to the different types of Christmas plants. Some authentic allies to add a highly personal point to our way of interpreting festivals that, every year, invite us to dress the spaces according to the dates.

If you are an unconditional lover of indoor plants or outdoor plants, surely you already had them as part of your Christmas staging. However, you don’t have to be passionate about plants to contemplate their presence in our home on these dates. What’s more: it is enough to want to give an original touch to our Christmas decoration to include natural plants in it.

So let’s see different types of Christmas plants ideal for filling the space you decide with a festive atmosphere. A super personal way to interpret this time of year differently.


Before more, it is important to know something. The different types of Christmas plants do not only respond to the tradition of decorating with them. Although it is true that the custom has a lot to do with it, there is a deeper meaning that is worth knowing. Those considered Christmas plants are because it is precisely at this time of year when they reach some of their most important vegetative milestones. We refer to blooming, creating its fruits or acquiring shades different from the usual ones that things of nature! They are usually reddish. Curious coincidence, right?

And no: when we talk about the types of Christmas plants, we are not only referring to the famous Poinsettia. What’s more: the range is more than wide, as our colleague Sandra tells us in these few minutes. Press play to discover a selection of Christmas plants but also original ideas to decorate with them.

Beyond this, it is interesting to know that Christmas plants are not seasonal plants. With proper care, most of them can last us from one year to the next. And yes: also the famous Poinsettia. It is enough to know how to preserve the poinsettia throughout the year.

So let’s see different types of Christmas plants ideal for any space.

1. Shrubs, the ideal plants to decorate the exterior

Although when we think of decorating with Christmas plants we focus our efforts on the interior of the house, it does not hurt to dress the exterior as well. And we are not just talking about the garden. It is enough to have a terrace or a simple balcony to bet on outdoor plants. And there is no doubt: the bushes are an ideal bet for it.

Mentioning the word bush at Christmas takes us directly to the quintessential classic of this season: holly. One of the most traditional plants and perfect to add a wild touch to any exterior without too much complication. How to grow holly correctly is extremely simple, although we cannot lose sight of something fundamental: it is an outdoor plant.

One of the types of Christmas plants that will look green until the arrival of these dates. Get your nandina here

But while the Christmas popularity of this bush is unmatched, it’s interesting to know that it’s not the only one that dresses in red this time of year. Another ideal for decorating Christmas is the nandina: a beautiful rustic evergreen shrub that, in spring, is filled with simple white flowers.

2. Flowering plants, one of the most unknown types of Christmas plants

When we think of Christmas plants, we automatically think of cold. A detail that makes us banish all ideas of flowers from our heads. Mistake! The truth is that, even with low temperatures and at this time of year, there are a good number of plants that bloom. Some that, logically, are part of our list of essentials to decorate for Christmas.

The Christmas Rose is one of the greatest natural gifts this time of year. Get this composition

One of them is the so-called Christmas Rose or Hellebore. One of the most valued winter plants since it is precisely at Christmas when it blooms, filling gardens and pots with joy. Despite its name, it has nothing to do with roses, either botanically or in terms of appearance. And if its beauty were not enough, two more aspects must be taken into account. On the one hand, it is extremely resistant to low temperatures. On the other, it maintains its flowering until March.

And, of course, impossible not to mention the Poinsettia. Because it is precisely at Christmas when its small bloom appears in shades of yellow or white on the leaves. Of course: to be able to enjoy it, you have to keep in mind the care of the poinsettia.

3. The bulbs that bloom at Christmas, another essential

The world of bulbs is simply exciting. Beyond their incredible variety of shapes and colors, there is another aspect that makes them irresistible: that we can enjoy them practically all year round. A good reason to include them in our list of types of Christmas plants with which we can decorate our house.

Let’s start with a plant that, without being typically Christmas, does have flowers at this time. We refer to the cyclamen: a wonderful bulb that we can enjoy in shades as typical of Christmas as red or white among others. Beyond the fact that its cultivation is simple, it is worth knowing what the cyclamen care is to lengthen its flowering.

One of the types of Christmas plants that perhaps we had not thought of. Get your bulbs in our online store

But let’s go one step further. Because a little known guest to decorate Christmas are the Hyacinths. A bulb that usually blooms in spring but that we can easily force to bloom at this time of year. A beautiful way to enjoy its flowers but also its aroma.

4. The moss, the Christmas touch for centers and arrangements

There is something in the moss that irremediably makes us think of Christmas! It is not only perfect if we are looking for ideas to make an original Nativity scene. It is also ideal for creating our own Christmas centerpieces with candles, pinecones, cinnamon sticks or even plant compositions.

Give a wild and unique touch to your Christmas with moss. buy it here

Yes, be careful. For more than a decade, it has been prohibited and punishable by a fine! collect moss from forests and other natural places. Its role in ecosystems is key, so it is essential not to remove it from its natural habitat.

5. Succulents, the perfect last option for this time

Haven’t you considered including cacti and succulents in your Christmas decoration? Don’t hesitate to do it! Their innate beauty and simplicity make them perfect for decorating by themselves, to form part of centers or even to star in compositions with other plants and moss.

And, among all the extensive list of succulents that are within our reach, it is worth knowing one in particular: the so-called Christmas cactus. A representative of this category that gets its name because it is precisely at this time of year when it blooms. It is enough to know the care of the Christmas cactus so that it decorates our house in a natural and spectacular way!

Now, with all the types of Christmas plants in hand, it only remains to decide which ones are ideal for our decoration.

And yes: without a doubt, this will be the most difficult task because how to choose only one? Impossible!

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