6 outdoor winter flowers for your home

They are one of the gifts of the grayest months of the year. Outdoor winter flowers are true allies to fill our house with life, making us better cope with the hardest time of the year. And no: despite prejudice, winter flowers are neither sad nor unspectacular. It is enough to know which ones are ideal for us, depending on our exterior or our personal tastes. And neither: although we think they are delicate flowers, nothing is further from the truth. Outdoor winter flowers are extremely resistant and, for the most part, remain in perfect condition for even months.

Usually when we think of outdoor plants for the cold months, we inevitably think of shrubs. However, they are not the only option. We can also count on a good number of flowering outdoor plants to enjoy both in our garden and on any terrace or balcony.

So let’s discover six beauties capable of filling any space with joy, and also without too many complications when it comes to their care.


The main advantage of outdoor winter flowers is that they have a natural ability to resist even the most severe cold. But be careful with this, because it has small print. Although these outdoor plants are capable of withstanding drops in the thermometer, we must thoroughly understand the species we choose and choose them based on the characteristics of our climate. If we live in an area with very harsh winters, it is important to see if, despite its rusticity, our plants will endure without frights.

Taking this detail into account, let’s see some outdoor winter flowers that you can grow both planted directly in the ground or in a pot.

1. Durillo, the plant whose name says it all

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It is one of the quintessential cold-resistant shrubs, and it is clear that its name gives us clues as to what it is like. In addition to being rustic, it has an incredible resistance to cold: it can withstand temperatures of up to -15 degrees. A compelling reason to value it as part of our exterior if we live in a climate with harsh winters.

In addition to being evergreen, there is no doubt that its flowering is its greatest gift. Beyond being a generous plant in this aspect, its clusters of flowers appear in February and accompany us even well into April.

When it comes to its care, it is not demanding. It only requires good drainage, since it does not tolerate waterlogging; and a sunny location.

2. Thoughts, a classic that never goes out of style

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They are the perfect candidates for the cold, both for their ability to withstand lower temperatures and for the incredible color palette they offer. Present in gardens and homes, growing Pansies is extremely simple since it can be said that they take care of themselves. There are few plants so undemanding and so generous.

For all these reasons, Pansy is one of the perfect outdoor winter flowers. Its only requirements are regular watering during the flowering months, which happens during the winter; and a soil with good drainage, since it does not support waterlogging. Nor does it hurt to apply a fertilizer for flower plants diluted in the irrigation to promote their flowering.

3. Camellias, a true winter beauty

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It is one of the bushes with the largest number of followers, mainly due to its flowering. A unique attraction that makes an appearance in the cold, displaying a good number of flowers with colors ranging from white to pink through the classic red.

Despite popular legend, neither the Camellia as a plant nor its flowers are delicate. In addition to being a rustic bush, capable of withstanding up to -15 degrees, it is convenient to know how to take care of Camellias to bring them to fruition. In addition to a slightly acidic soil and placing it in a space where it receives light but not direct sun, it is essential to be rigorous with irrigation and always use soft water.

And no: it is not a bush for which we necessarily need to have a garden. It is enough to know how to grow Camellias in a pot to carry them out successfully.

4. Primroses, the advance of spring

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Although Primula is their most common name, they are more popular by their nickname: Spring. One that draws a lot of attention, if we take into account that they bloom in the winter months. Its modest size contrasts with the color and intensity of its flowers. In addition, it is extremely generous in its flowering.

Although it can withstand the cold, it does not withstand severe frosts. For this reason and if our climate is marked by extreme winters, it is better to grow them in a pot to protect them.

5. Cyclamen, one of the most common outdoor winter flowers

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It is an ideal bet to add color to the cold. Not only is it beautiful and eye-catching, but how to care for Cyclamen is downright affordable. Also called Violet of the Alps despite its Asian origins, it is resistant to cold but not so much to heat. When the thermometer rises above 25 degrees, it makes its leaves disappear and adopts a lethargy that breaks when the cold returns.

Beyond the simplicity of its cultivation, another of the advantages of the Cyclamen is that it presents a wide range of colors that go from pink to white, passing through fuchsia and red.

6. Heather, the rustic note for any exterior

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When we think of outdoor winter flowers, we often don’t have Heather on our radar. And yes: its unique coloration, usually pink, is precisely its flowering. One that accompanies us from autumn until the beginning of spring, to later dress its stems with its characteristic small green leaves.

Ideal to add a rustic touch to any exterior, it is perfect if we are wondering how to attract pollinating insects to the garden or terrace. And, unlike other plants, it prefers growing in a pot rather than planted directly in the ground. A detail that should be known to the same extent as the care of pink heather.

Six outdoor winter flowers with six different characteristics. Six ways to bring joy to our home, with a single purpose: to fill the gray with life.

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