7 Most Famous and Delicious Watermelon Types and Varieties

The watermelon (or pin, as it is known in some countries of America) is today one of the most widespread fruits in the world, due to its exquisite flavor and texture.

Spain is one of the countries where it is most cultivated, along with Turkey, Greece, Italy, Japan and China. It is a tropical fruit native to Africa, where since ancient times it was grown on the banks of the Nile River.

Africans brought it to Europe and Europeans brought it to America. Its main varieties are the following:

Crimson sweet

If we were in the movies, this variety of sangria would be one of the classic movies of all time.

We find it everywhere . Its plant is rustic and resistant and has the advantage of adapting to any climatic and growing conditions. 

Its fruit is round, with dark green striated light green skin. Its size is characteristic, as it can weigh up to 15 kg of crisp, sweet, red meat without streaks. It is a variety of medium cycle and very grouped production. Its sale in Spain is very good.

Cute queen

Striped watermelon variety of the Encanto type, characterized by its precocity; excellent germination.

Vigorous plant with medium round fruits, 3 kg, and resistant to over-ripening, which makes it exportable. 

Its red meat is firm, has a low content of white seeds and is very sugary; this allows an abundant early harvest. It is a type of fruit highly valued in the markets.

Black queen

It is a triploid (seedless) variety with very dark skin without streaks, round; It is the largest type in black , 9 kg. Its main characteristic is the sweetness of its bright red meat, very attractive , and its good germination. 


Triploid watermelon variety with darker stripes than that of queen linda, but of equal weight. It is ideal for production because it adapts easily to greenhouses and outdoors. The great quality of its intense red pulp, without seeds, makes it a favorite for the most demanding palate. 


New variety in the market of watermelons without seeds, striped skin, bright yellow flesh , with a fibrous texture and high sugar content. Average weight of 5 kg. It is also known as melon watermelon

It has different properties from its sisters the red watermelons, making it very popular throughout Europe.

It is believed that it arises from natural pollination that combines the properties of pumpkin and watermelon. It is produced in Salamanca and has medicinal properties to improve the immune system, and the amino acids it has are used to combat hypertension and diabetes.

Sugar baby

One of the sweetest varieties. North American, with a smooth dark green skin and pale pink pulp with plenty of water, it is very productive and has a short ripening cycle.

Its fruits are medium 5 kg. It has the peculiarity that it breaks easily. It prefers well-draining soils, rich in organic matter and essential nutrients. 


Seedless watermelon (triploic) that is produced in Tarragona and is very popular in the Spanish market. Its appearance is similar to the traditional watermelon, dark green almost black.

Good palate, of great resistance and conservation. It is produced both in the greenhouse and in the open air. Its production and supply go from April to October. 

Seedless watermelons are formed by hybridization when two plants with incompatible chromosome sets are crossed. From this cross a very appetizing type of watermelon is obtained that has a series of benefits for humans.

One of the characteristics of seedless watermelon is that it contains lycopene, potassium , magnesium, calcium, phosphorus , iron , citrulline and beta-carotene. For the rest, watermelons contain vitamins A, B1, B2, and B6, which shows that it is a fruit not only delicious but necessary for health.

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