[7 Tips] For the Perfect Care of your Garden

There is nothing more satisfying than leaving your house andsee how beautiful your garden looks,however, sometimes it can be a bit tricky to take care of it and keep it clean.

Today is your lucky day, because below we will talk about some tips that will help you save money and that you can put into practice from now on to achieve and maintain the garden that you have always dreamed of.

Without further ado, pay attention and put it into practicethe tips that you will see belowand you will get the perfect garden that you want so much.

grass choice

This is one of the most important factors in our garden since it is one of the essential things for it to look alive and healthy.

To choose the type of grass we must take into account the climate, if your garden is a shady place we can plant the variety of dichondra.

Another case would be a place where there is enough sun, they highly recommend bermuda grass, since it is characterized by being very resistant.

water your plants

Watering your plants is of the utmost importance to keep a garden in perfect condition, it can also help you relax and spend some time outdoors enjoying the landscape of nature.

For this, you must be careful not to water too much since everything depends on the climate and the type of plant you have in your garden.

Ideally, keep the soil moist.

In general, it is recommended about 2 times a week for 15 minutes. A tip is that you should water the plants at night to avoid evaporation of water and change in temperature that can affect the plants.


Planting flowers is a detail that will give color and tenderness to your garden.

The truth is, in my opinion it is one of my favorite parts of a garden, plus it will give a super pleasant smell and life to the environment.

For this it is important to learn to plant them But… How?

Well simple, first we must know what type of land we have in the place and mix it with organic fertilizer.

Then, we must open a small hole or hole to put your seeds without pressing it too much.

You must be very careful to check that there are no weeds or some other factor that can prevent the growth of flowers or plants.

Remember to keep the soil moist but not excessively, because we can drown the plant as explained in the advice mentioned above.

We also recommend planting ornamental plants.

plant fruit trees

Have you ever thought how great it would be to go out into your garden and pick your favorite fruit?

Well in my opinion I think it would be great, and besides, the garden will be lovely, so you should encourage yourself to try it.

For this we must find the ideal place to plant this tree, keep in mind that it must be in a large place away from other trees to prevent it from stealing nutrients and have good access to the sun.

In its growth you must take care of it, keep it away from insects. You can help it with external materials such as compost and fertilizers. You must be aware of pruning it so that it does not rise too high, since it will be in your home.

If you also have hedges in your garden, the use of a hedge trimmer is necessary.

On this website: you have different models from which you can choose, yes, we always recommend buying one of better quality, since they are tools that should last us a long time.

Watch out for pests

The worst enemy of plants, flowers and trees are insect pests such as termites, flies, mosquitoes, ants and aphids that appear recurrently in hot climates are cockroaches and bugs that feed on plants and can thus destroy your garden, that is why we must get rid of them as soon as possible.

The use of insecticides is not recommended without knowing how to use it, since it can affect the growth of your plants or damage them, since they are going to ruin and destroy your garden.

A myth of the grandmothers consists of watering the plants when you are in a good mood and you have not consumed alcohol the day before, since they say that these energies will be reflected in them.

Clean your garden

For your garden to look well cared for, it is important to keep it clean of dry fallen leaves, branches, soil, debris, etc.

It is also recommended to cut the plants very delicately because if you do not have the risk of them dying or withering, do not let this type of task accumulate because otherwise it will be more and more difficult for you to keep it clean.

Fertilizer use

The use of fertilizers canhave many advantageswhen using it in your garden, but you should put it into practice only when necessary.

fertilizersThey are usually used when a plant lacks nutrients, that is, if you see that one of them lacks strength to grow, you can dare to use fertilizers. There are 2 types of fertilizers: organic and inorganic. The organic ones are made from sticol, bone meal, cottonseed and other organic materials, unlike the inorganic ones that are based on chemical or artificial products.

If you do not know very well the method of applying fertilizers, it is recommended to look for people specialized in the subject, such as gardeners. Since they will know exactly what to do.

Why have a garden?

Have a garden, healthy, clean, tidycan have many advantages.

You can have an outdoor space to do activities such as yoga, picnic, it can also be a fun space for the little ones or even to hang out with your friends and family, plus you will surprise them with your garden so beautiful that you can proudly say you keep it that way yourself.

You can take advantage of this garden to take fantastic photos for your social networks.

If you have a pet, they will appreciate having a beautiful and well-kept garden. Remember that having a well-cared garden will also add value to your home economically when selling or renting it.

You can be inspired by images from books, magazines, the web (photos of wild flowers and photos of beautiful flowers) or even on social networks like Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr to start planting your flowers, plants or trees.

An advantage of having a well-kept garden if your house is in the city is that you can have a space with nature where you can hang out.

So… why don’t you dare to try to give your garden some love? It will be one of the best decisions and you will feel satisfied with your results, you can do it yourself with the help of your friends, family or even your partner.

What are you waiting for?TRY IT and you won’t regret it.Start now with this new project.

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