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When are kiwis harvested in Galicia?

If there is a place in Spain that has made an incredible leap in Kiwi production, it is Galicia.What is this about? Because the climatic conditions that prevail are very similar to those of the place of origin of this fruit and that must be taken advantage of.

Although the harvest quantities are still not equal to the best in the world, it is on the right track to achieve success. And part of the fact that all this is so is due to the fact that time is measured very well. That is why today we wanted to focus on knowing when the kiwis are harvested in Galicia.

When should kiwis be harvested in Galicia?

The opportune time to collect kiwis in Galicia is in the month of November.

How are kiwis harvested?

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The kiwis are picked manually to prevent the structure of the fruit from being damaged by hitting the ground. The ideal is to work patiently and carefully so as not to mistreat them. Some farmers prefer to do it with gloves to reduce risks.

The process will be as much as taking the fruit, turning it a little and pulling it with the necessary force so that it is a single pull, preferably. This procedure can be done with both ripe and semi-ripe kiwis, depending on the objective you hope to achieve.

If you have a production of kiwis at home, it will most likely be convenient for you to harvest them in stages as they mature. In this way, you will have fresh fruits available for several days in a row. If you pick them semi-ripe, you’ll need to use preservation techniques.

How do you know if the kiwi is ripe?

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There are several ways that expert kiwi growers verify that it is ready to harvest:

  1. Weight: depending on one’s aspirations, verifying the weight that the fruit has reached is a good conditioning factor to define maturity. Ideally, it should be around 65 grams.
  2. The sugar level: the pulp of the kiwi is soft and with a certain level of sugar. The standard measurement establishes that it is at 6.5 and the measurement of this is a factor that helps define the degree of maturity.
  3. The texture: by squeezing the kiwis we can also have information about the degree of maturity. Ideally, they should feel slightly soft.

How is kiwi preserved best?

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The conservation of the kiwi begins from the very moment that the plant grows vigorously, ensuring that the branches do not reach the ground. With the weight of the fruits it is common for these to go down, so it must be ensured that there are no shocks with the ground that mistreat the fruit.

At the same time, when harvest time arrives, it is necessary to use a collection system that keeps them safe, preferring manual harvesting.If they are harvested semi-ripe, it is possible to store them in a place with a cold climate, such as a refrigerator, and then take them out to mature little by little.

The average temperature that is best for them is around -2º C and under these conditions they are able to stay for many months. Of course, it is also necessary to control the amount of humidity, oxygen and carbon dioxide because they exert changes in the structure.

But what is more decisive is ethylene, since its contact with the fruit accelerates its ripening.Ripe kiwis can also be kept for a few days in the common refrigerator you have at home.

However, they won’t last for more than a few days, so it’s best to eat them before it’s too late. Galicia is the area of ​​Spain that is doing best on this issue at a commercial level.

If you live there and are thinking of increasing your fruit trees with some kiwi specimens, you are in luck because you can do it without problems. Before planting, check the species you are going to choose well because some may have better behavior than others in the area.

And when the time comes to harvest, do not lose sight of a single one of the recommendations that we have given you here so that everything goes 10.

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