Aeoniun Arboreum: [Crop, Irrigation, Associations, Pests and Diseases]

Important points when planting Aeoniun arboreum
  • Where to sow? In full light. It needs a lot of sunlight.
  • When? In spring .
  • How do we prepare the land? Removed, eliminating weeds . Withnatural gardening substrate with good drainage.
  • How do we water? With drip .
  • How often do we water?  In spring and summer, 2 times a week. The rest of the year waterings spaced.
  • Plagues and diseases? Aphids and fungal diseases.

The aeoniun arboreum is a plant of the succulent type also known by the name of Black Rose.

Although its flower is in the shape of a rosette, but its coloration is not completely black but rather a very dark red wine.

The scientific name for aeonium is Aeoniun Arboreum Zwartkop / Schwarzkopf. It is a plant classified as monocarpic since once it blooms, the rosette immediately dies.

Although it is not necessary to be alarmed since before dying the rosettes produce many children that can be transplanted again. The origin of the aeoniun arboreum, also known as “atropurpurea”, is located in the Canary Islands and in general in the Mediterranean area and in Morocco.

When to sow the Aeoniun arboreum?

The aeoniun arboreum plant should be planted during the spring.

Where to do it?

The aeoniun arboreum is a plant that must be grown in full light and with plenty of direct sun. In case of sowing indoors, it is recommended to place it in places where it receives abundant light

It is a plant that tolerates high temperatures, but not frost, so due precautions must be taken in case of low sources at an environmental level.

How to prepare the land?

The aeoniun arboreum is not demanding with the quality of the soil and can be sown in the mixtures or substrates that are on hand, you can even use garden soil, but the most important thing is that it has good drainage.

For this type of succulent plant it is recommended that the soil be porous so that it absorbs water but does not puddle the plant. During the preparation of the land you can count on a tar stone that helps in the process.

Perlite is also a widely used element in the preparation of the soil for the aeoniun arboreum and for any type of cactus since it makes the substrate very light.

Regarding the substrates, and after many experiments carried out, science has invented chemical powders and fertilizers that put the soil in tune for the cultivation of the aeoniun arboreum.

How do we water the Aeoniun arboreum?

To know how to water the aeoniun arboreum you can follow the recommendations of experts and gardeners:

Maintain uniform humidity, water less frequently but thoroughly, always water at dusk or first thing in the morning; always keep the leaves dry and add the correct amount of water.

The aeoniun arboreum is a succulent that, in very hot summers, requires watering once or twice a week and the rest of the year, the waterings should be much more widely spaced.

A widely used trick to verify the need for watering the aeoniun arboreum is by sinking your fingers, or any pointed wooden stick , into the substrate to verify if it is wet or if, on the contrary, it is very dry and requires water.

How do we plant an Aeoniun arboreum step by step?

The aeoniun arboreum plant can be sown from seeds , cuttings and small stems of the children that the plant itself produces.

  1. Choose a stem of the aeoniun arboreum, previously cut at a distance of about 6 or 7 centimeters, it can have a rosette or only a stem. It must be a stem of a healthy plant.
  2. Select an individual pot, with holes designed for drainage.
  3. Before placing the substrate, it is recommended to use a little clay rocks to prevent the soil from compacting and as a means for the root to pass through there and take water that accumulates in the lower part of the pot.
  4. Make and place the substrate that can be a garden mix, although there are specialists who recommend making the homemade substrate with ingredients such as perlite, coconut fiber and finally the universal substrate.
  5. Plant a rosette for each pot, or you can also place two or more stems in each pot, in case one fails. It is not necessary to sow so deep, because its roots will find space downwards.
  6. If the natural process of the plant is carried out well, it will be possible to observe that small shoots appear soon and then the shoots will come out with two or three rosettes on the stems.
  7. Some stems will reproduce and others will not. Hence the importance of sowing several cuttings or stems individually in each pot.

The planting process will also depend on the love, care and attention that is provided to the plant, she will know it and will reward it by growing healthy, robust and beautiful.

What favorable associations does it have?

The association of compatible plant crops produces benefits compared to their separate cultivation, in addition to the use of light, water and / or nutrients.

Although there is no study dedicated to the favorable association of the aeoniun arboreum, they can be planted in gardens with other succulents that require the same care and requirements in their development.

What pests and diseases attack the Aeoniun arboreum plant?

The aeoniun arboreum is a bit weak before the fungi that can be produced by the excess or lack of water and nutrients.

The plant may present some type of succulent or succulent aphids that appear if there is not a good balance in the soil.

To combat this pest, potassium soap can be used , applied to the central part of the aeoniun arboreum. Gardeners and horticulturists recommend periodic control treatments, in addition to keeping crops well fertilized so that they develop strong and healthy.

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